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Saudi energy minister: Was 'never' looking to put US shale industry out of business

Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, in an exclusive wide-ranging interview, discusses oil production cuts and global demand amid the coronavirus.

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  1. No!!! This was orchestrated with corona virus attack. It’s a multi phase attack. On the free world.

  2. The Saudi miinister, too much white

  3. I lived in the Middle East a long time, mostly Saudi Arabia. They are not our friends. Trust that

  4. the game will be changing after coronavirus , Saudi Arabia see that and will take a move , you are just "gold digger "

  5. The Saudi Oil ministers are the same Rat Bastards that colluded with Obama to fuel the Middle East Oil wars in Syria ending in genocide and human slavery!

  6. Let's put them outta' their tents and start fracking and stop fricking-around.

  7. Saudis and Israelis same bloodlines: Question: Can they be trusted? Answer: 911, Curious!

  8. These people live off the price of oil. All the citizens should get the extra money per barrel you get and that's how you help your citizens make an awsome economy that we as well can contribute in some way. Other than that you are non deserving of the oil increase. Even though we live away I still hope the best for all world citizens

  9. Islam = Communism with an alleged Religion!

  10. Hey Fredo, Stinky Fingers and Vitamin D Deficient, this is real journalism.

  11. Price Abdlaziz at least mentioned that that Saudi is willing to cut budgets, makes sense.



  14. This is moronic. We have our own oil, we shouldnt be paying them for it!

  15. They be lucky to do 10 millions barrels a day cut. I have never seen any cuts last long.

  16. There is world recession . Saudi wants to pump everybody out business ? There making no money .

  17. The US shale space is hard hit by the decline in the oil price. It will lead to bankruptcies and an eventual consolidation in the industry, which Russia hopes will lead to dwindling LNG exports to Europe. The future will tell whether these expectations will materialize

  18. Saudi Arabia's measures allow others to fill in space, encourage more expensive deep-sea and shale oil (and alternatives) to get to market and accelerate the demise of Saudi crude as a global product.

  19. The Saudis have a vested interest in the value of US currency and they are not apt to devalue their bottom line by doing something foolish that would cause the bottom to drop out of the u.s. dollar value.

  20. Saudi Arabia’s empire is quickly returning itself back the the sands of the desert. The Anwar oil field has matured. Soon Saudi Arabia will not have the influence and world stage. So let them play their games. They are losing.

  21. CNBC is showing NY democrat gov Como daily briefings. why is CNBC not showing President Trump daily briefings???

  22. These people have been robbing the American people for decades. I've said for the same time, expand our own resources; let them drink oil and eat sand!

  23. OH! That explains why their name shows prominently on the List of Clinton Foundation donors. They were just being, nice. Yes sir.. just wonderful. So..how did that Clinton Foundation investment work out for you..? Suckers!

  24. Well done making that happen Trump! The USA growing more and more in the oil game will give us more strength and help us with national safety

  25. That is a lie. Saudi arabia will be way more evil soon too. Why? Look up NEOM. It's Sausi Arabias sin city which will be a trade hub for the middle east. The worlds elites are funding it being built

  26. This makes it pretty clear that we need to ask some uncomfortable questions about the impact of shale production in the equation of (Actual) National Security.
    It's cost of production makes it a vulnerable that can be exploited as publicly as this, and surely more subtly than would make for a good news segment…

  27. And yet you could hear from US msm blaming Russia when Saudi was the one pumping more oil than its usual output.

  28. So what? US can’t compete with them. We are better off halting blind support of this failed industry and focusing on importing cheap oil to produce higher value goods here and transitioning to alternative energy. Btw there are better places with cheap oil than Saudi Arabia and Russia to do business with.

  29. Are we really confident in our ability to trust and find support from this guy more than we could Putin and the Russian people?
    I mean with "friends" like the Saudi royal family and the Chinese Communist Party…
    …is there an argument to be made for swapping em both out for a mutual relationship with Russia?

  30. does anyone EVER trust these primary supporters of world jihad and world sponsors of terrorism alongside their "brethren" in iran?

    these are the "people" that need to be locked up forever and nobody should be doing business with these genocidal jihadists, only wearing clean rags and with billions in swiss bank accounts.

    But they are still the same – this guy and his crown prince brother are murderers, only wearing suits, or rags in their cases.

  31. The lie detector test has determined that that was a lie.

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