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Saudi summit held to try to resolve US-Iran tensions

Saudi summit held to try to resolve US-Iran tensions
Saudi Arabia is hosting a series of meeting over the next three days to try to get a consensus from Arab states over the deteriorating relationship between the US and Iran.
It is also the first high-level meeting that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have had since a blockade against Doha was imposed nearly two years ago.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons reports.

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  1. Aljazeera and it Rats blathering nonsense

  2. Hosting the Format a chief of staff for Colin Powell doesn’t mean the US wants to see an end to the GCC boycott against Qatar
    Aljazeera Fake Media as usual

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  7. Down with Israel and US

  8. Just let them alone and let them do there thing so Jesus can come faster.. in the bible speaks we will have 7 years of nation of nations to be in peace . Before. JESUS COMES! Im ready to be with my Lord and savior everthing is falling into place..😍

  9. Saudis like to resolve tensions by chopping people's heads off, dismembering people alive in "diplomatic" institutions, and flying commercial planes into buildings… Good thing Israel and the current Zio-Con Swamp in Washington District of Criminals are their best friends…

  10. Divide and rule. Do not trust on America.

  11. Arabs are killing Arabs by the US weapons.
    Saudi Arabia vs Yemen.
    Saudi Arabia vs Syria.
    Now they want to solve other nations problems 😅

  12. Saudi kingdom has created a wedge between Islamic nations snitching for Israel and the evil empire

  13. واضح ان الرؤساء واكليين بطاطا

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  15. I believe iran will win war. And i belivieve 2020 american destroy. By al kitab from indonesia 100year old long ago. remember my comment

  16. Unity for Muslim. 👍 👍 👍

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