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School: Black Hairstyles Are Inappropriate

School: Black Hairstyles Are Inappropriate

The US has an unhealthy obsession with tradition. Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Adrienne Lawrence, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“A DeKalb County school has found itself on the edge of controversy — this time, surrounding a policy that allegedly dictates hairstyles for black students.

At issue for many posting about the image online were pictures showing various young black males, faces shielded by yellow Post-It notes, with haircuts featuring different designs was used to show students at Decatur’s Narvie J. Harris Traditional Theme School what styles would be acceptable for school. According to the pictures, mohawks and designs etched into a young man’s hair was not acceptable, while cuts featuring hair even across the head would pass muster.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Adrienne Lawrence

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Adrienne Lawrence


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  1. The US has an unhealthy obsession with tradition. Leave a comment below.

  2. In the Caribbean boys can't have designs in their hair they're hair had to be clean shaven, locks & religious grouming are considered. For girls once you've reached about the 4th or 5th grade they can't have hair beads or anything flashy in their hair, no wigs, weaves, etc. Cornrows are just fine.

  3. Now wait for it, did they say anything about mohawks, pink or bleach blonde hair? No I didn't think so!

  4. Same hairstyles from the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc….why is it inappropriate now?

  5. Imagine if these ppl saw jamaican skl rules

  6. Domestic Urban Terrorism Exposed Yet Again…….

    Inappropriate hairstyle: Orange Man 👩🏿‍🦰🆘👨🏿‍🦰

  8. Dekalb is almost all black. What is the problem the administrators are black. Where the hair that grows out of your head.

  9. The land is, was and will forever be ours. NATIVES. they sold us a Country and we bought it Hook line and stinker. Betrayal trauma is a real thing.

  10. I wonder what they would say if all the black kids were afros and all the other kids sit in the back

  11. So y'all trying to come after our hairstyles as well. Y'all need to cut the bullshit stop being jealous before we can do what are here whatever we create. This hatred needs to die and be eradicated off the face of the Earth. It's like saying mullets are on appropriate spikes and the hair or mohawk. I'm trying to tell me those are inappropriate to. Stop hating culture appropriation. Nitpicking over some small things when is serious things going on in our societies. And by the way that picture of his hairstyle was lit crispy to the cut.

  12. Haircut laws at school what the hell I'm starting to really hate America

  13. The only solution is segregation.
    Blacks need there own educational system, and our own criminal justice system as well. I don't 👀 this stopping any other way.

  14. It doesn't fit into the traditional "British values" that the whole world is being forced to follow. You should see what they do to the kids in school.

  15. Life would be so much easier for blacks if the learned the rules of polite civilization.

  16. This is nothing but traditional racism wrapped up is Catholicism!. While white people are able to express their cultures so happily in the open some whites do not want melanated people to express theirs weather it be natural hairstyles or beliefs that date back over thousands of years. This is all about control of the black mind body and soul. The Catholic church is responsible for racism and that is a historical truth as they started it and it evolved into what we experience today.

  17. Actually it’s not about religious traditions it’s about white people policing black people’s bodies, since slavery.

  18. For some reason I feel old white women are pushing this.

  19. This is insane, leave people alone.

  20. I remember a family friend from Holland who came to visit us in New York. We were eating a sandwich in the park one noon, and a little Jewish man sitting across from us looked at my friend and said, "You need a haircut." There was a short, awkward silence, and my friend erupted into laughter, right in his face. The little man got up and left, indignant. But my friend looked at me and said that it was such a strange thought that anyone would think they had anything to say about your hairstyle, much less a complete stranger. I remember being uncomfortable with laughing at an old man as well, but the incident made me conscious of how deeply personal hair is. It's like someone saying that it is wrong to wear a blue shirt. Sez you! If I had a better looking head, I would probably get one of those inappropriate cuts myself.

  21. ok first off, to debunk Cenk's examples of "traditions" like the yankees must look neat, etc….. its called "representing". if you work for or a part of a group/company that has standards, you recognize those standards and you joined it. Which means you must follow their standards. Like working at mcdonalds you must wear hair nets when around food, or at a sky zone you must wear their brand of shirts, etc. So his argument is non-existent.

    But as for the school with this hair thing, yea its stupid, but hey back in the days kids at certain school definitely had dress codes and grooming codes, now everyone can wear whatever they want and be judged for it.

    on another note…. I'm pretty much tired of this channel always talking about racism and black people this, that, and the other. its getting old and annoying so fast. Yea its happening and its most likely gonna get worse, so all we can do is just make sure we're protecting our own and hope that future generations will be ok based on how you raise em.

  22. Black parents will object that , dumb rule ..

  23. Omg who cares. TYT just needs stuff to keep calling racist otherwise they become irrelevant.

  24. Adults suck 😒 they kill the fun in anything.

  25. I live in the area. The issue is MUUUCH deeper than hairstyles. Dekalb county is considered one of the worst school districts. Despite the fact that the high schools send more black kids in the world to Ivy League schools. Decatur is IN Dekalb County. Decatur schools are THE top rated schools in the state. However Decatur succeeded from Dekalb County to allow their schools test scores to be counted SEPARATELY from the total scores from Dekalb County. This results in houses in Decatur going up in value exponentially. You can figure out on your own the color of the people that are moving into Decatur in droves. Million dollar homes being built in droves…

  26. So what hairstyles are inappropriate for the white students?….

  27. People are idiots. Showing creativity in your hairstyle. Fine, then women can't color their hair anymore. Men can't shave their faces anymore. Make-up, let's outlaw it. Go crazy GOP, take away all freedoms- you F'ing monsters!

  28. White folks are more obsessed with black people hair than black people themselves are.

  29. Per that poster, I guess the other races can do no wrong to their hair. 😶

  30. Hee Jenk If you really mean that you don't like to othering people stop calling black Americans African

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