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Scott Disick Yells At Kris For Making Him ‘Look Like An Asshole’

Scott Disick Yells At Kris For Making Him ‘Look Like An Asshole’

Keeping Up With The Kardashians preview: Scott Disick yells at Kris Jenner for making him ‘look like an asshole.’

Starring Kris Jenner
Starring Scott Disick

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  1. God I already knew this guy was a cunt just by looking at him he's got the face a a douche bag all you wanna do is punch this guy in the face

  2. Scott to me already looked like an ass, but to his favor, look what he's dealing with 😐😒👍🏻

  3. Scott needs no help looking like an asshole

  4. That's right Scott! Business is business is business.

  5. I feel so bad for Scott matter of fact I feel bad for all the men the whoredashians have been with

  6. Scott carries the show people watch it because of him

  7. He meant that if she doesn't look like an asshole,he will be the one looking like an asshole,and he doesn't want that hahahah

  8. Scott's the realest person on the show lol

  9. Because Scott needs so much money he's soooooo poor

  10. This man got money because of Kardashian.
    I absolutely agreed when people called him a loser because he is. He has no job. Famous because if Kardashians. He made appearance here and there after he was with Kardashian.
    He tried to try something but nothing work. He will give thousand of excuses afterward. He is a man with small brain. Very childish. Now that they split from his partner he made drama wanting to come back and pretended to cry. Uh hu hu. Shame…., a man cries wanting to get his family back. Joker. In the first few episodes he did not want to assemble the crib for his coming child (Mason) . What kind of boyfriend is that? He is ego for nothing. And what is wrong with kourtney? You are Kardashians… You don't need Scott. Glad that you threw him out. Don't be stupid to take him back. He is a junk.

  11. "She'd lose their # forever" hahahaha he's so right omg

  12. How is Scott related to the kardashian said

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