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SCOTUS Gives Trump BIG Win

SCOTUS Gives Trump BIG Win

The Supreme Court has failed again. Ana Kasparian, Emma Vigeland, and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“The Supreme Court on Wednesday approved President Trump’s request to allow the administration to enforce its new asylum rule even as it is challenged in the courts.

The decision was issued in an order. Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, two of the court’s four liberal justices, dissented.

The order is a victory for Trump, who has vowed to take action to stem the tide of immigrants at the southern border, most of whom are coming from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Emma Vigeland, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Emma Vigeland, John Iadarola


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  2. If you’re fleeing violence, and seeking a safe country, then why does it matter what country provides that? If asylum seekers get to Mexico where they are SAFE, then what’s the problem?

  3. Liberals, If you want to know how life would be without whites, you can do it now! There are plenty of all black or brown nations you can try out.
    😄 But I doubt you'll like it much

  4. Sotomayer is a joke! Her health is not much better than Ginsburgs! 😄

  5. To me, they are Criminaliens. (Ben will get it).

  6. Ha ha! Now you have a clown in the white house and a perverted drunk in the supreme court!

  7. Are US Border patrols armed or unarmed? Of course…ARMED. Not sure why underline Mexico's "armed patrol ". Btw- you ate wrong, tyt, because it's Mexico's newly legislation that allows the creation of "National Guard" and first time ever will be assigned to enforce Mexico's laws and constitution. Mexico will NOT be US's puppet and become A Third Country or Asylum Safe country to serve the U.S. government and at he expense of People of Mexico and it's resources.

  8. A M E R I C A F I R S T!
    Trump 2020

  9. Ana: "This puts the onus on Mexico, and they don't want these asylum seekers"
    So Mexico is racist, right Ana?

  10. Emily: "This wouldn't be happening if Merrick Garland were on the court"
    Does Emily realize this is a 7-2 decision?

  11. The basic idea of purists coming to America was to practice freedom of religion. The the founding fathers decided on separation of church and state. we are backpedaling.

  12. Ana and Emily act as if it was a 5-4 decision. TWO LIBERALS SIDED WITH THE CONSERVATIVES, it was a 7-2 decision!
    Ana never mentions that. 🤔

  13. John: "The law is incredibly clear"
    Yes it is John, SCOTUS made it clear.

  14. They said early on that this would not have occurred if Merrick Garland was on the court instead of Neil Gorsuch.
    Then later in the video they said this was a 7-2 decision, so EVEN IF Garland had dissented it still would have come through.
    Thumbs down for dishonesty.

  15. Orange man will win because of immigration.

  16. Yes or No – is the US expected to house the rest of the world? Will the population of the entire world fit into the US?

  17. Justice Gorsuch is an outstanding Justice who upholds the Constitution as WRITTEN and knows the role of a judge and not make stuff up

  18. A while ago Trump referred to some countries as “shithole” countries. You went into an outrage that lasted for weeks, repeating what Trump had allegedly said, because "how dare he refer to human beings that way, that just want to come to this country to have a better life”. But anyone with any amount of common sense understood exactly what he was referring to. He was referring to people that come here illegally to be a burden to this country’s tax payers. They reproduce like there’s no tomorrow, and each kid they have in American soil costs taxpayers at the very minimum $15,000 a year between education (at 12k national average a year) and other free benefits they have access to. Not counting the $5,000 it cost the hospitals they go to deliver their babies that they never pay for. Multiply that by about 4 or 5 kids that a typical illegal family has, which is millions and millions, just to have a "better life" AT OUR EXPENSE. So while you go into outrage mode once again about this, we have poor and needy in our country that we won’t help but you and the democrats, just to get the Hispanic vote will fight like wild animals for their rights to enter and stay here. And to top it off the ONLY Americans benefiting economically are the rich that get the cheap labor which you interestingly never mention.

  19. Is this the same Republicans who were screeching about Obama by passing congress?

  20. Obama took the usa from 2 wars too 7, trump wants peace with north Korea, wants to hold pease talks with the Taliban. Avoided war with Iran, what a monster trump is!!

  21. By International law, migrants need to apply for asylum in Mexico. If Mexico is so bad, why are retired people moving there? The U.S. should never be a welfare state for billions of 3rd world economic migrants. Our cities are already overcrowded with many homeless U.S. citizens. Thanks for the leftist propaganda from the Young Turds.

  22. The GOP terrorists are a death cult.

  23. The next democrat winning the presidency (hoperfully Sanders) should pack the court with very liberal justices… Republican STOLE one justice. The bare minimum should be to have two more very liberal justices

  24. I thought the scotus were not allowed to watch any media ? Was I wrong?

  25. The young Turks are really losers. Especially Cenk.

  26. IF THEY WANT TO SEEK ASYLUM…. Then go to the ports of entry!!!!!!!! Otherwise when they get caught the we send em back

  27. SCOTUS allows him the wall, allows the Muslim ban, and allows this asylum ban!
    This is what WINNING looks like, liberals…  😃

  28. In America these hordes will be able to afford cars where they couldn't in there own country.
    I thought the liberals cared about the environment? 🤔

  29. Thank you President Trump for enforcing our Nation's law and protecting us from the Criminal Invaders.

  30. Not a Trump fan, but I agree with this.

  31. This is fantastic news!!! It’s about time to stop this insane illegal fraud on the country!!

  32. What kind of person actually believes the shit these morons are spewing?

  33. What's wrong with seeking asylum in Mexico? Why go all the way through Mexico to seek asylum in the US? Maybe it's simply because those people are no refugees, but (illegal) economic immigrants, and should be treated as such? (Meaning, sent back ASAP)

  34. Can Vigeland do math? Only two dissented. 7-2 in favour of the ban. Garland wouldn't change that. Learn math Emma!

  35. I find strange that any judge can override the president. Only the supreme court should have that right.

  36. One activist judge in Oakland has three times blocked Trump on these issues. It is good that the supreme court intervened. Even after the ninth circuit limited the decision the judge made to its jurisdiction, the judge overrode them and extended his decision back nationwide. If he wants to do politics he should run for an office. Not do politics from his court.

  37. Just to be clear this will apply to all persons wanting to come to America as a refugee not just those coming from the South

  38. You guys had the court for a long time now your butt hurt 🖕

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