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Sean Lowe Reveals Summer Wedding Plans With Catherine Giudici

Sean Lowe Reveals Summer Wedding Plans With Catherine Giudici

Sean Lowe talks about his televised summer wedding with Catherine Giudici, how many children he wants, and his romantic vacation plans with Catherine. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

Starring Sean Lowe
Starring Gino Orlandini


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  1. i think no more wedding

  2. Movie King. A little racist or just a thoughtless comment. I will pray for you, a lot. Please don't say you don't believe in God, because all that matters is He believes in you, and so do I. Don't hate, it hurts your soul. Peace be with you honey.

  3. @Damlongsouk J …. The most genuine love to come out of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series is JP and Ashley- who I might add just got married.

  4. i have been watching many bachelors in the pass this is the best one ever.

  5. Can't wait…… love them .

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  7. this wedding is worth waiting!everybody is excited ,this is to be ABC top rated show !!!!cant wait!!OMG!!!!!

  8. Summer wedding plans?

    Sean said nothing of the sort.

  9. Their televised wedding could call for me to have some champagne for the occasion!

  10. can't wait for the wedding…

  11. Can't wait for their wedding. I'm so excited for them. Throwing a party with friends to celebrate their nuptials. Wish them the best in life and lots of fun with making adorable babies:)

  12. So excited to watch their wedding! Truly beautiful babies!

  13. Such a sweet and beautiful couple!

  14. Can not wait for the Wedding. Love them and wish them the best in everything they do.

  15. Sean is such a great nice guy. So great to chat with him. We can't wait for the wedding special!

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