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See a Meat-eating Hare Caught In The Act | National Geographic

See a Meat-eating Hare Caught In The Act | National Geographic

An animal long considered vegetarian was found eating carcasses of its own kind.
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Camera trap evidence in the Canadian Yukon shows snowshoe hares eat meat and are cannibals. A Canadian scientist discovered the phenomenon by accident while monitoring forest carcasses. The two-and-a-half-year long study found that hares ate from 20 of 161 carcasses—including birds, lynx, and even other hares. Hares likely eat meat to supplement their diets during subzero winter temperatures. The research is broadening scientists’ understanding of the fluidity of the herbivore diet.

Read more in “Hares are cannibals and eat meat, surprising photos reveal”

See a Meat-eating Hare Caught In The Act | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Hares are not commonly thought of as meat-eaters, but it does happen especially when extreme cold limits vegetation. What are your thoughts on this diet discovery?

  2. It's just survival under extremely harsh conditions. No surprise there. Its own kind? Same rationales. No problem.

  3. Hay there. I realy think the habitat is beautiful.

  4. I knew vegetarian animals ate meat, but I didn't think it was this often

  5. People actually think vegans care about animals eating meat? That's just the food chain, vegans biggest issues are factory farming the most inhumane thing in our society today.

  6. He's eating himself some hare pie

  7. a hare in the hand, is worth 2 pubic in the mouth…

  8. The video doesn’t explain why they do it

  9. Veggies are their much-preferred food.

  10. I bet it eats insects too….its all about suvival

  11. This explains why my rabbit ate my pizza🙃😬

  12. Checkmate vegans?

    Omnivores is the natural way!!!

  13. Where'd I place my holy grenade

  14. This has nothing to do with veganism

  15. Hares have been know to eat thier young. This is not shocking behavior

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