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See the Sparks That Set Off Violence in Charlottesville | National Geographic

See the Sparks That Set Off Violence in Charlottesville | National Geographic

Warning: This video contains profanity and disturbing scenes from the Charlottesville, Va. demonstration on August 12, 2017. It also includes footage of James Fields, Jr., who has been charged with second-degree murder in an attack that day.
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Read Katie Couric’s essay ‘Being in Charlottesville Broke My Heart. It Also Filled Me With Hope.’

See the Sparks That Set Off Violence in Charlottesville | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. These guys are confusing ethnic identity with racism. Caring about your identity has nothing to do with discrimination.

    It’s possible to have pride in identity and even explore or expand interest in it without hate of others or deluding yourself that others are diminishing your identity or attacking the identity of others. These people seem to be searching for hate that doesn’t exist except in themselves.

    That’s a fatal flaw in certain movements today. They are run by very ignorant and uninspired people.

  2. when you have big country, you have big problems

  3. Antifa always strike first.

  4. some of them have a show up in vice news

  5. (((National Geographic)))

  6. you did not see that at 54, your grand parents yes, not you hon

  7. Dr. Cornell west you can thank the liberal media!! Protecting the true racist like you and outlets such as CNN MSNBC. Hey your in trouble.

  8. i suppport whites and african americans, i think america should stop being racist and just make peace. not with other non native countries….?

  9. Kessler, the organizer was a liberal activist and Obama supporter. He was part of Occupy Wallstreet. This is a psyops. It was designed to demonize Trump.

  10. an interfaith prayer going on and they came to disrupt it and you say they are peaceful

  11. Women should be mothers and wives? Who is this joker? Women should be what they want to be without some snot nosed little brat telling them what they should be doing.

  12. ANTIFA is on borrowed time

  13. I find it funny and pathetic that those leftist losers talk all tough and then when someone punches back they start crying see 10:06


  15. "The blacks are…. the blacks"

    Lol. Real high IQs these alt righters have

  16. I dont agree with almost anything they say except the statue should stay it is American history and needs be remembered and their right to say and feel how ever they want. But the violence and the forced confrontation didnt need to happen.

  17. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are but there is something wrong when lifting yourself up you have to bring someone else down.

  18. 10:26 <—-white supremacists show their pride by…proudly ganging up a helpless white female til she's a bloody mess. makes sense.
    17:06 <—-white supremacists show their pride by…proudly driving into a bunch of helpless people & killing a white woman. make sense.

  19. 0:50 here you can see exactly who the aggressors are

  20. new respect for katie couric, no makeup, hard news gathering, right in the mix…..if she had done more of this instead of the fluff hollywood stuff she'd still be a network anchor.


  22. All this violence and hatred just to support a delusional, fanatical fantasy

  23. Trump is number one on spreading hate in America fk trump

  24. Those people with hate in their hearts are the ones who truly suffer. That’s why the act out violently to others that are loving. Please don’t let the hate in, it will destroy you.

  25. Not every drumphster is a racist but every racist is a drumphster.

  26. Wow, look at all of these butthurt alt-righters in the comments, lol. I can't believe these petty snowflakes who act so tough and unashamedly racist in their "in group" are so snivelling and pathetic in these comments sections and out in public. And yet they have the gall to suggest they are the "superior race". So stupid.

  27. And I think thats why we. The latinoamerican people, be superior to you, racist whites

  28. "Traditional demographic of this country" – surely that's the Native Americans.

  29. the bible is a book created by black people,



  32. I agree every race does need their own homeland, then we wouldn't run into these issues

  33. Why am I seeing the hunger games logo lol.

  34. Destroy antifa! The true enemy!

  35. Okay but the kid with his friend who's dad was a blue collar worker & his mom a teacher he was so cute & independent. Shows hes strong.

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