See This Baby Polar Bear Grow Up In Under 2 Minutes | Animalkind

An adorable time-lapsed video of a baby polar bear shows the stages of her growing up.

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See This Baby Polar Bear Grow Up In Under 2 Minutes | Animalkind


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  1. О-о-о 😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️

  2. this cured my depression

  3. Так и хочется затискать😁

  4. And people tell me I can’t wrestle a bear and win…

  5. Time to go clubbing.

    And no, I'm not drinking any alcoholic drinks, or partying.

  6. Why doesn't he die without Cola and Polar Ice????????

  7. He s too sweet, but I dont like zoo s, he should be with his partners in the Antartic.

  8. It says under 2 minutes but its 2 minutes and 4 seconds

  9. Still waiting for the bear to grow up.…………

  10. Quite the misleading title . . . No like for you!

  11. I just wanna snuggle him😊🤗

  12. What a beutiful wonderful creature is so adorable

  13. Considering where they live, they're very vulnerable for quite a long time.

  14. See this baby Polar Bear sleep and blep for the first minute of this video.

  15. Anyone know if this polar bear grow to an adult stage….or maybe into juvinile stage…?

  16. Please can this baby bear can be my personal teddy bear??

    Just kidding😆

  17. He won't be that cute when he's 10 feet long and weighs a ton

  18. So cute to bad its going to grow up and be a killing machine

  19. Thos is how it could have been but Adam and Eve ruined it for the rest of us

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