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SEGA Genesis Mini Hands-On at E3 2019

SEGA Genesis Mini Hands-On at E3 2019

We take a first look at the official Genesis Mini.

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  1. No word about all-important filter options? You fail at video game journalism.

  2. Although I appreciate and respect Mat Smith bringing us a Hands-On impression, I have to say, clearly there is no enthusiasm and soul in this content. The composition of this overview is more of an indiscreet criticism than encouraging gamers to acknowledge the passionate endeavor M2 and Sega put into a masterpiece product such as the Genesis/MegaDrive Mini. It's unfortunate that Mat was just not the right presenter for such subject matter.

  3. "exactly as I remember it" are you trying to use reverse psychology on us to sell us on the controllers? Because if so, it's working.

  4. Genesis does what nintendon't

  5. Can you put more games in the cartage?

  6. Very disappointing that it comes with a 3 button controller

  7. Cool looking forward to it to lunch in uk i collect the mini consoles great 👍

  8. This kids really negative, I don't get it. It's like he was being negative about the original system in as much as this is a perfect clone of it. Which is supposed to be the point isn't it.

  9. Poor hands on by Engadget , the unit runs a slight stretched 16 x 9 as well as 4 x 3 but no mention of this in the video here

  10. Don’t even compare the genesis mini to those @games pieces of trash. I can’t believe you would even bring that into question you’re a terrible presenter

  11. Wait….u think the 3 button controller is rubbish?!?! Dude, one of the big reasons why I am buyin the thing is de two 3 button usb controllers. 3 button controller ftw

  12. Man, LOVE the CRT tv displays!

  13. All that and we don't find out if it's worth it or not. Lousy review

  14. Don’t laugh but I have a fear of the people saying sega on the genesis so I won’t survive the ads for this mini console and my birthday is on September 22 so my birthday month we’ll be my nightmare

  15. yeh the clunky 3 button pad horrible, the 6 button one is the way forward for me its a choice this or the analogue SG input lag is my main concern

  16. As a REAL Sega fan, this is a day one purchase for me.

  17. I can already tell Sega put 100x more effort in this than Sony did with their mini console.

  18. Looks good,I have this on pre order here in Australia,game list isn't bad although it could be better with Mortal kombat 2,sonic 3 and Knuckles. this moron is knocking one of the best controllers of the 90's………..go back to Xbox Noob

  19. "Mega Drive if you're nasty." How nasty are them Brits?

  20. I’ll pass. 🤷‍♂️

  21. You're bitching about the catalogue of games?!?

    Did you REALLY play the Genesis back in the days?!?

    This is by FAR the most solid collection of games compared to the other classic systems.

    2/10 for this video.

  22. For a hands on, this is pretty shit. Do you know anything about the games on the list at all?

  23. I still have 6 button controller 16 BIT Gamars.

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