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Selena Gomez Cancels Tour To Get Over Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez Cancels Tour To Get Over Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has canceled her Australian Stars Dance Tour because of exhaustion and to get over Justin Bieber.
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  1. What's the song at the start or is it an intro song

  2. stay away from her, gay boy.

  3. Stay friends for now and see how they work out but they should try to work on being friends first

  4. I think that she needs sometime off, she has had so much going on and her true fans that support her for her decisions, music, & personality should know that they have to be okay with her decisions and support her music and let her heart lead her to the man she truly loves.

  5. I think there still in love and just need to see it I think they should get back together

  6. No I know he makes her happy but he has left her crying so much an she is so independent on her own that he shouldn't matter. No use crying over spilled milk! We love you Selena and we want you to be happy if you are with him now you will be happy now but will he really stop braking your heart? If you aren't with him you will be happier in the long run.

  7. Yeah she's getting over him alright by spending time with him

  8. Why does everything Justin does have to do with Selena, and everything she does have to do with him? They broke up over a year ago.

  9. Truley I Miss it when Selena and Justin were together, They were so cute together.

  10. She cancelled her tours because she has lupus and she can't perform at the exhausting tours. Get your facts straight Hollywood Life.

  11. Why is it that you guys make it seem like selena is the only one that's emotionally drained from the break up honestly look at justin he was heartbroken and he basically dedicated an album to the relationships up mad downs he didn't go and cancel his tour and why does it have to because she's over justin why can't it be because her family is just starting and her baby sister is growing seriously it's always about blaming justin and you guys have justin as part of your header you guys need to hop off his dick and stop being such pricks

  12. i think justin&selena should get back together both of them is so cue so they shouldget back together

  13. This was wrong. She has lupus

  14. Selena Selena Selena. People just give the famous stars a break focus more on your life then other.Yes you can still be a fan but. Don't you think they want their privacy and want to be respected.If your a real fan then respect if not then stay out of her and other famous stars life . If you know what I'm saying just stop for her sake

  15. We'll maybe they are not over just stop fighting

  16. She didn't cancel the tour cause of Justin!! ( Your A Bad News Person )

  17. Justin should kill hisself

  18. There is a rumor that she cancelled the australian tour and a leg of asia bc she has lupus disease. I don't think is for juss. I would really like juss and selena back together

  19. She cancelled because she reportedly has lupus. Seriously not over Justin.

  20. She canceld it beacus she waned to be with her family

  21. that's  not way she canceled her tour ,oh and they should get back together

  22. She is the one that is over it u are so stupid to think this the world needs to get over it the break up was over a year ago she wants to spend time with her family not to get over Justin he is the one that his writing songs about her

  23. Jelena. Jelena. Jelena
    Perfect couple

  24. I love you justin bieber and selena gomez…

  25. I agree with kennedy jackson btw why is there an old lady talking bout selena what do old ppl know bout selena

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