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Selena Gomez Cries After Justin Bieber Wedding & Billie Eilish Slams BTS Haters?

Selena Gomez Cries After Justin Bieber Wedding & Billie Eilish Slams BTS Haters?

Billie Eilish claps back at negative fans. Plus – Selena Gomez is reportedly sad.
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Selena Gomez doesn’t post to her Instagram account very often, so when she does, her 157 million followers take notice. On Oct. 7 she shared a selfie in bed, wrapped up in blankets with a close up of her makeup-free face against a pillow looking really sad. Her beautiful brown eyes appeared as if she had been crying and her caption was absolutely heartbreaking, as the 27-year-old wrote “Me, all the time.”

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Selena Gomez Appears Sad In New Pic Shared Just Minutes After Justin Bieber’s Wedding Photos Emerge

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Billie Eilish Defends BTS & Selena Gomez Cries After Justin Bieber Wedding?

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  1. Thoughts on a Billie & BTS collab?

  2. Stop lying, selena wasn't crying, stop always putting her in dramas just for views my god, leave her in peace

  3. Yes I’ve been waiting for it but it never happen no I sad but I purple you 💜


  5. Who the fuck cares about them? Why do people are interested in others life? I mean wtf, get a life

  6. Puuuleaseeee. Get a life

  7. I was literally about to spam the comment section with hate comments until u said that u were joking about Selena a Justin! 🙏🏼 still don’t do this just to get attention lol it makes people stop believing in ur channel!🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Just leave Selena alone she is happy and she doesn't nedd any man to be happy

  9. Can anyone give some evidence that Selena was cried of Justin married? My first thought at her picture is, she love to have sleeping/ mood for resting..

  10. BTS should collab with Billie ellish



  13. Selena is not sad nor crying😑😒 she said – Me, all the time when she said that maybe she meant she was sleepy all day😒😒😒 we need a real news 😐

  14. Billie quiero ser tu marido❤🖐

  15. I watched the WHOLE video and I saw nothing about Selena Gomez crying…y'all better be happy Selena Gomez ain't like Cardi B…or else she would VIOLATE you biches on Instagram for posting Fing clickbait using her name! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbPVgAEobAk That was a joke HollywoodLife…I love you guys…but, this is clickbait! Ali…I want to see your new Tat!

  16. Reaching!!! Clickbait fucking lied

  17. Her stans think they're "not like the other girls", they're "edgy", they're "weird" OMG So so special.
    Someone tell them that just blindly hating on popular things won't make disrespectful mfs like them interesting.
    And what "slammed BTS haters". Stop hyping her for doing the bare minimum. "Kekeke You guys are so mean LMAO So funny kekeke"… U call that slamming??
    All she does is whisper in every song, and have spiders crawling all over her, to appeal to the "I don't fit in society" idiots. She is so overhyped.

    No, thank u. There are many talented artists out there who genuinely love my hardworking talented boys (my boys can SING, RAP, DANCE, WRITE LYRICS, COMPOSE, PRODUCE, CHOREOGRAPH, PLAY INSTRUMENTS ) and would love to collab with them and not keke with their disrespectful fans and seek their validation by asking them whether they should even listen to someone's music. There are ppl like Khalid, Wale, Halsey, Aoki, Becky G, Lizzo, Kehlani etc who sincerely love and respect my boys.
    My boys are extremely respectful, humble, kind, nice and they hype up various artists (from small indie artists to huge popstars, they promote any and everyone they like. They don't discriminate cuz they are extemely genuine ppl) and if u and ur fans cannot give them the respect they deserve, then, no, thank u. I don't want any collab.
    That being said, Jungkook likes her music and if there is ever any future collab, I ,unlike her disrespectful disgusting toxic fans, will keep my dislike to myself and support it wholeheartedly cuz it involves my boys.
    I never used to dislike her, but the way she kept laughing really rubbed me the wrong way.
    What kind of a horrible fanbase does she have to publicly boo an artist!!! No matter how much ARMYs dislike someone , we would NEVER do this in front of our boys. Yikes!!!!!

  18. Selena is not crying over his ex …. shes happy with her family and friends… leave her alone

  19. 2:36 shady tea? These were just lies.

  20. Haters jealous on bts duh bts is most big boy and in the world 💜 we don't need your support from bts because army is the very important of bts

  21. Billie eilish did nothing but laughed it off….but sure go on hype every white artist at the cost of a pic artist for the bare minimum they do.

  22. She is obviously happy with her LIFE duhhh

  23. dead ass I didn't read the whole title and I was like billie slams BTS-

  24. Those fans need to have several freaking seats, BTS is the shit 💜

  25. You guys really need to grow up and leave her alone. She is doing good and not cr over him. Stop making everything about Justin 😂😂😂

  26. I thought the thumbnail was
    "Billie Eilish Crys about Bieber's wedding"😂😂😂

  27. Why are y’all still with Jelena nonsense it’s NEVER gonna happen

  28. Wtf Selena was just tired from her work n everybody has a bad day so just chill man

  29. Ali: This whole explanation gives me shamila vibes if they kiss I'll be there watching
    Spike: Dude that's creepy

  30. Look at Billie doing anything to stay trendy. What a fake hoe

  31. OMW.. STFU why would selena cry over someone she is already over?? Wasn’t it just now the other day that apparently She was angry with selena? but now she talking about selena new album omg!! stupid ass reports

  32. She isn't crying Ur shit Hollywood news

  33. Through cmnts I can clearly see how toxic pop fans are and how disrespectful they are…. And then they say kpop community is worst…..
    Like do u even have braincells????

  34. It’s sad how y’all done degraded Selena so much you only cover her when it has something do with Justin. She is more than a teenage love story.

  35. Sure selina do not connect with niall if u love justin so your love will come back justin is always with you

  36. Selena was crying in happiness that she dodged that huge horrible bullet..😘

  37. YES she sould totally do a collab with BTS 💯

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