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Selena Gomez Embarrassed By Lame The Weeknd Joke – VIDEO

Selena Gomez Embarrassed By Lame The Weeknd Joke - VIDEO

Selena Gomez gets told a joke about The Weeknd at WE Day 2017. Plus – Selena Gomez teases possible season 2 of ’13 Reasons Why’.

Starring Emily Longeretta

Produced by @ginoorlandini

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  1. The last pun THO i'll catch you on the weekend if im Abel.

  2. That pun at the end was like getting clorox bleached in my eyes

  3. yes i hope theweeknd cheats on selena cause we know she will !! he has already !!!!

  4. i am with the person that made the comment that selena @theweeknd will break up !! cause. i am with girlfriend. i cant stand selena –she is a hoe. weeknd. can do better thats why he * cheats*

  5. they are happy now,but for how long??There is all over report of them.I'm anxious if it will be so many news about their breakup. Hopefully not.

  6. she didnt gush. lol she said maybe. 😒

  7. Selena has been so calm since she started dating the weekend

  8. Sorry But I actually liked the Joke… nothing crazy bout it. Selena's laugh was adorable too 😍

  9. Selena hello my dear precious one.

  10. She wasn't embarassed!

  11. bloom in this video..why bitch…DRAMA!

  12. I dont get it. She's such a cute and sexy woman but, she cant even sing her own songs. Everybody acts like she is such a brilliant musician but if you wanna be a musician you have to have some singing ability. I know when i say this everbody hate me but thats the truth. She's a very successfull actress. But singer, noooo!

  13. Did you really had to bring up the whole Orlando Bloom drama?

  14. that end pun just was….unnecessary.

  15. "I'll catch you on the weekend if I'm Abel" 💯💯💯💯

  16. I love how she looks like a human pig and ppl still like her

  17. You should do a video about how BTS won in the BBMA's top 50

  18. why is sels teeth crooked eww

  19. I hate them together he's changed her

  20. dear host, I love your sense of pun.

  21. Selena is so flawlessly beautiful 😍

  22. She looks like a crack head

  23. Ik this bitch did not just take that line from 1k, she thinks she's funny but she really just singin the lyrics 2 another song, wow

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