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Selena Gomez Reacts To Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Engagement | Hollywoodlife

Selena Gomez reacts to Justin Bieber proposing to Hailey Baldwin. Plus – we have all the exclusive details on how he asked.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin just got engaged less than 48 hours ago, but don’t be surprised if they start a family pretty soon. A source close to Justin told us EXCLUSIVELY how he’s been thinking about having kids for a while “Justin has been thinking about having a family for a while,” our source said. “With friends and family around him having kids, getting married and starting families, Justin has been inspired to do the same.”

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Justin Bieber ‘Inspired’ To Start A Family With Hailey Baldwin: She’ll Be An ‘Amazing Mom’

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Selena Gomez Reacts To Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Engagement | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Good he does not deserve Selena she rocks!!!!!!!

  2. I wish jb to die what a ***t is he stupid

  3. Wat happened with jelena i miss that i want that to come back see u cant mach a ship name for that other name

  4. Noooo !! 😱😱😨 i want justin bieber and selena to get marrid not her selena suits him better and selena is pretty and nice to him so sorry but im disliking that i dont want him to get marrid to her

  5. If you were waiting for beiber to marry you then yes you’ll die alone. I don’t get these celebrity fanatics. So so starstruck “oh plz Marshall won’t you let me suck your dick” 👅

  6. OMG they're married😊😁😁🙂😊😀😇
    LOL sorry selena im team jailey😅😀😊

  7. Can any 1 suggest me why hally remove her comment sections on her Instagram. ❓ ❓

  8. Selena gonna try to still hailey men 😂😍

  9. Really Hailey? Why him? Welp, Bye world. Justin kinda Sucks

  10. One year later, Justin divorces Hailey. .-.

  11. Justin and Selena so beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. you mean he proposed to bitch

  13. Hailey's really ugly,she may be younger than Selena but she looks waaaay older

  14. if you think Justin Hailey is the perfect match for you I wish you the best

  15. Justin Justin and Haley is not good for each other until never make a profit couple

  16. come on Selena go back to Justin the one for you Love You Selena bye

  17. What is his hair.. oml he looks so rough these days.

  18. Someone would actually consider marrying him

  19. selena iz such a bitch before she waz not at all famous she iz famous just bcz of that justin

  20. I personally flipping hate Justin and I want him to be arrested for a long long time I am a Finnish person and I also am disabled so I hope he rots in hell

  21. I like how Justin Bieber just lives his life and becomes sabotaged again, Selena always makes him look bad directly or indirectly, I don’t know if it’s on purpose but it’s unfair to him

  22. Selena reacts to the engagement.

    Selena Is "Shocked"..

    Wow didn't see this coming

    Why putting her name in the title when u guys mentioned her for just 10 seconds.

    Get a real life please.

  23. Selena Gomez and Justin bieber is not a good couple Selena is good Justin is bad character

  24. salina know what the best for herself…she strong women..she already move on a long time ago coz she knows who justin as a person accutaly …

  25. All my life I wanted jelena to happen 😢😖😖😭😭

    But I still wonder is this engagement/marriage will last. They divorce, justins with Selena happens everyone is happy they live together and have a beautiful family
    Btw I can't spell

  26. Really i am goin to Suicide

    It broke my heart

    I thoght it was u and selena forever

    What u do to me
    U just do to me

    U lost my trust and love

    Y y y justin , Tell me Y

    I m so saaaddddd like i got a break up

    Wish it was a nightmare??

    Nooooo. Nooooo. Nooooo. Nooooo. Nooooo. Plz justin domt do this

    Plz plz plz

    Plz hailey stop this ,,,,

    I cant do anything

    Im broke

    Justin do something before its tooo late plzzzzzzzz

  27. Selena was full of drama,all the times JB had to beg her.She has inferiority complex.Its better that JB is settling with HB someone who accets him for who he is and fully loves him.Jelena was never meant to be.Im happy for JB finally he has moved on from his first love forever.

  28. They gonna break up before they even get married ;-;

  29. Oh please, you don’t know what Selena thinks…. this is pure b.s.

  30. Wow love those couple but i say to Selena just be strong u will fine the perfect one for yourself😖

  31. 0:47 finnaly a dbz clip..now I'm out IDC about that boy

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