Sen. Blackburn: Whistleblower needs to come forward

Senator Marsha Blackburn discusses why the Senate will want to hear from the whistleblower and Hunter Biden if an impeachment vote passes the House. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Phony impeachment send Nancy Pelosi and Adam schiff and Jerry nadler to Supreme Court lock up these corrupted traitors send them to GITMO for the rest of their life

  2. You guys lied around the 2 minute mark, nice lawsuit

  3. Adam Schiff "made a promise". Translation "America's biggest liar makes a promise", I hope no-one expects him to keep it.

  4. These people are diabolical, evil bearing false witness repeatedly against an honest man Unforgivable you're going to pay at the polls

  5. And the consequences for the Democrats is that we are going to vote you out of every aspect of this country, and the Press will be boycotted until Hell Freezes Over for falsely attacking an honest man

  6. tHIS IS WHAT WE CALL A DIVERSION …the dems can try to peak all this bs the closer the election comes …wake up and smell the roses .Politics is just getting very dirty and we all pay the price ,these parties will never come together

  7. When these crooks hear your plans, they will go out of the US.
    Maybe it's not a good idea to tell our plans ahead of time.

  8. Bring out the whistle blower and put the snake Schiffie Schiff on the chopping block and put him in jail .

  9. The Whistleblower is being as a scrap goat by Democrat.

  10. Pompeo, Bolton and Mulvaney should testify and clear our President's name! By not doing so, it makes our dear President look bad! MAGA

  11. Who cares who the whistleblower is when his or her's testimony has been corroborated by multiple Trump appointees!!! Think, folks!

  12. One whistle and the planet's entire polar orientation gets schiffted.

  13. The PARANOID personality always SUSPECT you have poisoned their food. The SCHIZOPHRENIC personality "knows" you poisoned their food. The PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC personality suspects you poisoned their food and they just "know" they can prove it was positioned while they suspect their food was poisoned. It sounds like the party of the DEMS, doesn't it?. Not only do they SUSPECT President Trump has committed a crime so they have to "impeach" because they "know" they can prove it while they suspect he did commit a crime even when they can't prove it no matter what they do so they that's when their OCD kicks in, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that needs to be obsessed (re-numerated) in the idea that they "suspect" that the President committed a crime and they "know" they can prove it by obsessing (re-numerating) all events until they can prove their suspicion. Good grief! Pelosi and Schiff need serious counseling.

  14. Is Bloomberg orchestrating these false premises released by the New York Times. He donated billions to get control of the house is this fake impeachment his agenda? We need a senate trial so those corrupt individuals are exposed.


  16. The leaker, so-called wistleblower will be compelled to testify as well as Hunter Biden and all the witnesses that were coached by Shifty Schiff.

  17. Schiff will be a fact witness, this is going to be interesting.

  18. Schiff for brains must testify, he needs to questioned. For 3 years of BS, he needs to feel the heat on how it fills. I don't care I just want him under questioning to see his face. It's personal for him for some reason, maybe he wished he was rich and heading the country. Maybe he wished he had the life of Trump. I bet the women in his life is minimal, he's the Hollywood rep and wished he was a player like Mr. Trump was. Just jealousy simple. I agree, Schiff is the whistle blower, he made it all up and convinced Pelosi he can get it done.

  19. There is no WHISTLE BLOWER….ITS ALL A HOAX .

  20. More like a WHISTLECHOKER than a whistleblower to me ! lol And for crying out loud, the whistleCHOKER won't be coming-out coz he's ALREADY OUT! lol Surely, everyone knows about him by now coz he's always on MSM tv and has his EYES POPPING everytime ! lol Ain't it Mr. Shiffty Schiff ? lmfao

  21. You Trump supporters just never run out of excuses for your king. Wake up already you got conned by a con man and you're too stupid to even recognize that fact. I wonder how many of you will drink the Kool-Aid when Trump orders you to.

  22. The whistle has lost its pea.🤔

  23. Blackburn is the whistleblower.

  24. This is the thing: Democrats are going nuts and running for their lives. Why? They have been paid and bought to sell America to different countries. Those countries are now asking for what they paid for and they are demanding what they thought they bought.
    Democrats are in peril.
    What would you do if you were one of those politicians who sold America to the best bidder?
    Run for your lives crooked politicians!!!!

  25. The whole of the American people know the Democrats are criminals. There's no such a poll that may say Democrats have a chance of winning. NO WAY! no body will vote for criminals. But the media is pushing these polls. Isn't this weird?
    The media is criminal.
    They are covering for the criminals
    Be aware of what you are listening

  26. there is no need for the whistleblower to come forward. what he or she said has been corroborated by several witnesses.

  27. I used be in charge of handling whistleblower complaints for a Fortune 200 company. There is common software that many companies use allowing a whistleblower to submit a complaint on a third party software system, it's then forwarded to the company. We can then communicate through the third party with the whistleblower, but we never know the identify, and he/she is untraceable to us. As a company executive, I wouldn't want to know the name of the whistleblower, because if we did, the whistleblower could always complain that if something negative happened to him, it was retaliation – so to avoid a lawsuit, I'd rather not know the person. (In most cases we had a good of idea of who the whistleblower was). 99% of the whistleblower complaints were bogus or unverifiable. Usually they were reporting hearsay (office gossip) or it was something done in a personal context (a personal slur) that we could not verify. In about half the cases, the person was complaining that someone else got promoted for doing something unethical – so there was a lot of envy involved. In most cases there was a kernel of truth, so the complaint on first blush sounded plausible.

    In case of the the whistleblower about the Ukrainian call, I would talk directly to the people involved to verify it. Hearsay was not relevent unless there was corroborating information. Unless the person making the complaint had some facts not obtainable elsewhere they don't really add much to verification of the complaint.

    Many whistleblower complaint systems were required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act after the Enron scandal. But as usual the the same rigor does not apply to government entities.

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