Sen. Grassley, GOP lawmakers discuss USMCA in the Senate

Senators Chuck Grassley, Roger Wicker, James Risch and John Barrasso discuss the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. USMCA was recently passed in the House and is now in the Senate for review.

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  1. The democrats party has been doing everything to take down this country! And it's time we have them abolished as a party of our country! They should not be permitted to represent the people .
    The democrats party is apart of the system of Marxist views and socialists ideas globalist plans for this country and government control!
    They are openly agents the United States of America!and it's people They should be removed from our governments political form and be charged with anti American politics agents the country! And treason. Any party that is agents the views values and beliefs of the United States of America must not exist! If we the people do not have them removed from our governments political form ! We will suffer from the threat of socialism! Communism and oppression! Loosing our rights and freedom and of course liberty and the constitution! !

  2. We can't hear the questions. These asking should be afforded a Mic. Or the person interrogated should repeat the gist of the question.

  3. These are the face of the global new world order. think georiga guide stones.

  4. Sorry I have my sound turned all of the way up on my PC and it just sounds like mumbles.

  5. Why is the sound on Fox so low?

  6. Hey Grassley, I have a suggestion on where to plant your red flags!

  7. Hey Grassley, I have a suggestion on where to plant your red flags!

  8. There's no point in listening to these people anymore.

  9. Are they going to try to get it voted on in the senate and onto Trump's desk before the asshat impeachment trial?

  10. And Nancy held all that up?!

  11. I'm starting to believe this is a horrible idea because I know what the word bipartisan really means, they're not bringing the lube and this payoff is big enough to to line all their pockets. Otherwise it would not be bipartisan

  12. Americans are done with Democrats we just want you gone and soon we all know

  13. Democrats are a laughing stock to Americans

  14. Hey assholio turn up the volume.

  15. Hey if you turn down the volume a little bit more we won't be able to hear it at all course that's probably what you want you don't want us to be able to hear it at all



  18. We need to save and redo our Agricultural base. 🌱 Governments worldwide quietly preparing for Solar Cycle 25 ☀ and entry into the Grand Solar Minimum. 🌎

  19. USMCA was turned into a steaming pile by the House. IT MUST NOT PASS

  20. Sure would be nice to actually be able to HEAR the questions, let alone the person speaking in the mic!!🙄

  21. This is setting the foundation for a 3 country EU type arrangement. It took language straight from NAFTA. The globalists are endorsing this treaty, does that give anyone concern? Can our legislators read and comprehend what they are about to pass?

  22. USMCA lawmakers must reinforce laws/clause/sections under immigration/naturalization/visa permits to Canada 🇨🇦-Mexico🇲🇽 falling in USMCA. And the mayor-congress must not/cannot violate immigration laws.

  23. Senator Grassley: you and your fellow Senators repeatedly stated that this is strongly supported on a bipartisan basis. That means that there was room for compromise to move forward to approval. I am concerned about the wording of the "Labor" section of the democrat's/Pelosi's markup of the original text. Specifically, and I'm paraphrasing, that migrants will be afforded full protection and benefits under the law. What does that mean? Are all illegal migrants in CA suddenly being given legal ststus? A television station in CA had essentially stated as much, declaring that the farmers' labor problems were resolved by this bill. That should not be! This trade agreement is not the place to circumvent immigration law! Any attempt to do so will make all signatories to USMCA culpable for violating current immigration law. We do not want lawbreakers, people in America illegallym, to be rewarded. Please ensure that it will not happen!

  24. For whom are listening/seeing those people standing in around podium speech during Environmental Policiy Regulation's?
    Why Donald Jr salaries given for drugs and transportation?
    Why Mike Pence, Donald Jr and Jimmy Carey-Lou Dobbs is imagined in peoples eyes carrying mirror with optical fiber television and FISA-AHA implants. And reporters hate Donald Jr, Mike Pence their lord Jim Carey-Lou Dobbs.

    The liar's caught and clowns clapping for no body standing at podium and whom they were seeing before their eyes?

  25. Chuck Grassley is truly a patriot

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