Sen. Lee 'Insulted' After 'Worst Briefing' On Iran Conflict By Trump Administration | NBC News

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, criticized the Trump administration’s briefing on the Iran conflict. Lee said it was “probably the worst briefing I’ve seen, at least on a military issue, in the nine years I’ve served in the U.S. Senate.”
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Sen. Lee ‘Insulted’ After ‘Worst Briefing’ On Iran Conflict By Trump Administration | NBC News


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  1. Don’t question me… I’m really smot…. okay fredo… wanna go fishing?

  2. does this guys name start with p ———-y and ends in y

  3. A pub with ethics? Wow!

  4. Amen Brother. Lindsey Graham, you need to reread the Constitution.

  5. Ohhh yeah! Mike Lee you come from Utah the 20/20 hind sight state & after 9 years your an expert, but then you would know being born in a state that has more corruption in it than all the other states put together. I think you accidently put you wife's garments on & they were too tight. Shut the H*** up!

  6. What dyou expect from an orange guy

  7. Are you serious , you sir are a Rhino , and your past votes and rhetoric confirm it more and more everyday! This regime in iran wouldn't even have their missiles if our last prez didnt give these terrorists 150 billion dollars as he spent his last year in office. Also 80 percent of the current population of Iran is under 30 years of age and do not agree with these actions of their government, and radical Islamic extremists, one more thing senator,,what about the maimed and killed service men and women, or the 7000 Christian men women and children that were murdered by this man that our president had eliminated. Furthermore he was coming back from Iraq with the other terrorists who was targeted and forcing Iraqi to put these animals in charge of security for all the countries embassies. It amazes me your in such a state of outrage, where is the outrage about what these evil animals were doing,

  8. Now if he would only get offended by separating kids from parents. I personally find that also insulting.

  9. Dem.or Rep.Senators should stop criticizing Pres Trump in this worst crisis America faces.. .I think u should be united as one Nation if u want to wither this storm… American troops abroad are at risk of Iran's threat to annihilate America

  10. Senator Lee's mouth sounds like a polsky. He may be a democrat hiding in in the senate. Any president worth a darn wou have done the same. The people who vote and care about this country support using our technology to avert future loss of american citizens and soldiers because our congress and senate have refused to act in time. Congress has refused to help america and it 's people. The have spent their time at work trying to get their way about the election didn't go their way . It is my hope and that our God and SAVIOR Jesus will completely destroy this satanic congress.

  11. He reminds me of the game show host on Billy Madison 😂

  12. You can't be a Trump stan and then expect a briefing to be lawful and informative. Your support of Trump is support of a dictatorship, Lee.

  13. Yes, and thanks for standing up for the truth and decency in this matter.

  14. Good job Mr President. He is weeding out the rino's !

  15. Trump did a good thing. If he hadn't killed salomi guy and our people at the embassy was killed…. The left Would be blaming Trump for not protecting them. SMH! Who's side is he on here… America or Iran?

  16. "Believe ME, NOT your lying eyes."

  17. When will people realize that Trump is a TV character and not a real President.

  18. Marsosneldurikottatjokentolakcvejjarfirtmandenotcheltatoprotendurikposiblinnojvvasttochelcetisttunelhebnoprotenmettatduriktunelhebn

  19. Kaveliranvasigondekchutvathebntrumbordekvasiginlakzinposibliniraniternetkavelotgustjonmarchmakencvejkanvidanchutselfdekikbrifikachtertverek

  20. Mike what are you trying to PROVE …chill OUT ! Never seen Mike Lee have some sorta break down like this.. Come on Dude .. Couldn't you go to TRUMP and leave the DRAMA to Chuck and Nancy! This only helps the Dem' s and there corrupt talking points..

  21. you "foxy trumpsters" need to take this as an example of how our government is so screwed up due to one orange skinned white eyed moron president, would be dictator. This comment is from one of many ex republican, now independent, American who have WOKE UP and started fact checking. What a joke and world wide laughing stock our country is now. DOWN WITH TRUMP!!!!!!!

  22. Donald TRUMP is the BEST American PRESIDENT EVER !!!!! TRUMP- 2020 !!!!!

  23. The most Unqualified Administration in the History of the U.S.A. The Whole Country is a big Mess n, nobody knows exactly what's going on in that Administration.

  24. The saddest thing is the g.o.p. [the top 10%'s stooges] and their tools in 'popular' media have brainwashed millions of poorly educated followers, who actually believe they're voting in their own interests.

  25. Here's what the world can count on.
    War is profitable, so there will be war.
    All the b.s. about 'defense' and 'american interests' [actually business interests] is simply a way to 'spin' what is really going on, namely filthy rich fascists plundering anyone they can.

  26. "I support president rump"
    Well, there's your problem right there.
    He's a spoiled brat, a sexual predator, a pseudochristian, a liar, a cheat, and a thoroughly toxic human being.

  27. Why do I ferl like congress wants Americans to stay in the same place we have been for decades. Whats wrong with change for the better? Is it threatening their livilhood? Them wanting to go back to no middle class is threatening mine. Random suit and tie politician guy, thats insulting insulting to the heart of America. Go drink your latte in your Benz while we work hard just to pay the bills.

  28. Is he a fool or something!!??? First he said he supports and respects how donald approached his position as leader, why is he fretting now??? That's how the Donald rolls.

    #maga ?

  30. Lee is a politician. Trump is a businessman. So far, Trump is doing better than the politicians.

  31. Its long overdue that someone assassinates this moronic dictator.

  32. Thank you Sen. Lee for being truthful and coreageus to speak your truth.

  33. his right America is less safe now and thats make iran a super power in the world now, in they eye public ,got scared from 2 missiles ,iran is very weak but they good at advertisment themselves as strong country ,just one b 52 with a neacleer missaile is enough ,disappointed us trump

  34. Lee is constitutionally correct some may not like it but he is right period

  35. How stupid is it that Trump refers to the 52 hostages over 35 years ago that has since been settled? Would they really justify that for Trump to attack Iran's cultural sites or to start another war with Iran. I don't think any of those hostages would want to be used again in that way for Trump's glorification.

  36. Press conference, here here.

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