Sen. Lindsey Graham And Sen. Patrick Leahy Clash On Reasons For Committee Absences | NBC News

When Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., blamed Democrats for purposefully being absent at committee meetings to delay a vote, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., took offense and stated he was attending the funeral of a family member.
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Sen. Lindsey Graham And Sen. Patrick Leahy Clash On Reasons For Committee Absences | NBC News


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  1. Sen. Patrick Leahy the Big boss of the Drug Queen Protector Leila Delima i really admire u the most lol

  2. Philippines having their absolute sovereignty, then so any intervention from other countries it i clearly null and void.

  3. Senator Leahy is a brainless senator mind your own states do not interfere the law of the philippines. Philippines is a souvereign states not a united states.

  4. Please people of America, dont just believe in what the media shows about our country, specially sen leahy. Sen Delima, is a drug protector/drug queen thats why she was jailed. Sen Leahy, Philippines was not a us colony anymore, your country has problem also, focus on that. We dont need you, our Pres Duterte is strong enough to handle our country!

  5. I vote what. the heck…

    "R" (kidding me) "no reason or rhyme Lindsey"

  6. When Lindsey takes it up the A$$ets, does he use “Lube”??? Trump has Dirt on Lindsey, Mitch, Gohmer Pile????? Well “Gaaaaaahleee”!!! LOL

  7. darlings.. Miss Lindsey.. you are a disgrace.. to “SOUTHERN BELLES”..

  8. Well, I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy. I just like to know what your interest is.

    John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men

  9. Lindsey is a gangster, he has a plan.

  10. Calm down Miss Graham don’t get your panties in a twist

  11. just watching what the enemy is up to

  12. Lindsay Graham is a kiddy fiddler…

  13. Dear Editor,
    I just got an email from Jaime Harrison <> telling me of his desire to unseat South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham (R). For what ever reason, since the death of Senator McCain, Graham has become a sage of sanity in giving our government back to the people. It is obvious to me that any vote for a Democrat Senator or Congressman is a vote for more radical socialist/ communist mentality in the direction of this country. We only have to look at Cuba or Veneszuala to see where that will take us.

  14. Senator Graham, On the one in a billion chance that you may see this…
    I think most of us have seen the real you and even if we disagreed with you we respected you and even liked you as a human being.
    Most of us think the real you is still in there deep inside but because of some kind of threat from Donald Trump and what he may know about something in your past you won't let Lindsey out anymore.
    Senator Graham don't let this be your legacy. You may be surprised at the number of human beings who will come along side you. You may also find peace and rest for your troubled soul if you just live in truth, whatever that may be.
    We miss the real Lindsey☺

  15. Seems to me to be clear that Trump has some kind of blackmail operation going on regarding at least Graham. Poor guy Graham is so weak as a person that he´s ready to "sell" everything not to be exposed, sad and tragic! His eyes are ”asking help” everytime he´s on TV.

  16. Leningrad Lindsey Moscow Mitch & Putin's Puppet what a bunch of bunts!

  17. Such arrogance – Lindsey "Trump" Graham is a vile POS

  18. Lindsey Graham has totally lost focus. He's making this all about him. Isn't he supposed to be a leader? Leaders concern themselves with those they serve, not their own selfish, self-centered interests. How many times has he whined in this segment about no one showing up for his precious bill? Get over yourself Lindsey. You are not fit to lead. You are simply doing the bidding of the bully occupant in the White House. It seems you've sold your soul to him.

  19. Lindsay Graham is a vile human being

  20. Trump must know about all of Miss Lindsay Graham's indiscretions with other men. That's the only explanation as to why he's going lock step with Trump's agenda now.

  21. Lennengrad Lindsey is a criminal

  22. We Are President Donald Trump Die-Hard Supports & On The Rise. Demo-CRAPS are Trapped Between Sharp & Powerful Claws of US PATRIOTS. The American Eagle Has Landed.
    Like 2016,,, We Will Destroy Demo-CRAPS in 2020 A G A I N ,,,EXPECT US !

  23. republicans are low iQ and low income voters

  24. lindsey grahamn is a compromised russian asset jeffrey epstein has blackmail tapes on all these operatives…. trump cabal has taken over law and order democracy…. nunes gowdy mcconnell grahamn all russian or chinese operatives…1100$ vile of insulin come on america we are being duped….children tortured for profit! wake up amerikkka

  25. Lindsey may need to FIRE he/she who is giving him bad/incomplete info…a funeral for a family member is probably the BIGGEST schedule conflict!!

  26. Classic republican strategy, if they can't get something accomplished, they just go to their book of dirty tricks.

  27. Didn’t graham say trump was a vile disgusting person?

  28. Democrats are the reason we have a border crisis but wont help Trump fix it.

  29. Leahy been up there 50 years and look at the mess this country is in. Disgusting puke.

  30. Trump is controlling Lynsey


  32. Lindsey has a lot of balls to complain. Look what his party and Mitch McConnell are doing to ALL the Dem's Bills now, – NO VOTE PERIOD- Look what they did to Obama throughout his Presidency. The height of hypocrisy. Lindsey has no integrity, he's Donnie Dumb Dumb's lap dog.

  33. Senator Lindsay Graham prior to castration: "He's a race baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. He doesn't represent my party, he doesn't represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for."

  34. It's sad how People who supposed to be somewhat similar in making good decisions clashes over the simplest things. In my experience I cannot seem to wrap my head around how Someone is upset with me because they incriminated themselves bringing evidence to a Hearing that would not make sense until after the Hearing. The Hearing comes first. We discuss what is the dispute. If we come to a disagreement. We show the Judge our proof. He decides for us. How can our Representatives have all these debates, arguments, and issues and we are still at a standstill with corruption in our local Courts. How can Someone go to the wrong jurisdiction to get an unlawful order. Show the order as evidence at the right jurisdiction and think that that is good for their case. I'm the one who was supposed to bring the unlawful document. It's obvious I was trying to help them. To me this is the World's most craziest People. Go into the Hearing to incriminate themselves. Wrong is wrong. It catches you when you least expect it when Someone is trying to help you.

  35. I challenge Sen. Graham to Mario Kart 64 for the chair.

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