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Senators React To Official White House Notes From President Donald Trump Ukraine Call | NBC News

Following the official White House release of the notes from President Donald Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, senators from both sides of the aisle are voicing whether they support the House’s impeachment inquiry.
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Senators React To Official White House Notes From President Donald Trump Ukraine Call | NBC News


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  1. Drop to your knees Mitt…. Pucker up boy..it's SUCKIN TIMMMME!!

  2. That girl in the glasses looks 12 yrs old

  3. Joe Biden had his son take $1.5 billion from China while Joe Biden was negotiating United States Chinese relationships and while China was trying to get approval to buy a company in Michigan which makes parts necessary for missiles. This is outrageous corruption and Trump was absolutely correct to ask the Ukrainian president; who ran on an anti-corruption campaign, to look into this issue which impacted his country directly.

    There was no quid pro quo— not once in a conversation that he even suggested the money was going to be withheld. Money by the way which Obama refused to release.
    Trump is not worried about Joe Biden Dash that would be a dream candidate for his opponent in November. You can make a much better case that by bringing up this issue of Joe Biden, he made his election harder next November.

  4. We need to Drug Test the Chair of the Republican party.He used to be someone that guarded our constitution clearly he is not of sound mind.

  5. We owe are Deepest Gratitude to these men and woman who have served this Nation Honerably.
    Mitt Romney that represent's Utah will be the lead for his Party to do the Honorable Thing.

  6. These people jus don’t want trump in election

  7. Romney wishes he was President

  8. Yawn.two Democrat CIA Whistleblowers? Sounds like a Coup. The Dems & Media are lying trying to control Public narratives for DEM votes & Faux impeachment efforts.

  9. Can’t hold back aid for personal gain congress said so. Problem with Trump is he just talks way to much. Shut up a be a president. Why is he even concerned with Biden?

  10. Mitt Romney makes me sick! Phony, self righteous traitor!

  11. Romney better watch out for his mate Biden. That's the crack here .pickles and onions.
    I hope that so called republican understands what he is doing.
    I'll guarantee the SWAMP will be drained after Biden only if those that protect him hide

  12. Considering Trumps allegations were true, I don’t care about the phone call. I do care that the Presidents phone calls were leaked. If this guy’s a whistle blower than Snowden is an American hero. At least the information he leaked was accurate and first hand.

  13. look at all these faces in 2020…it will be similar to 2016….little odd how the mainstream media reports negative press 100 percent of the time for Trump with the best economy ever in america and job creation for all creed and race …. not possible for anyone! Little bias? Hmmm… Watch FOX the number 1 rated news network for a reason.

  14. Lizzy Craham, you are a liar just the same as your Cult leader.

  15. i hate a stinking democrap, they stink, every single one !!! Also fire ALL CIA !!! ROMNEY STINKS MORE THAN ANYONE !!!

  16. I always laugh out loud when Lindsey Graham talks.

  17. You gonna have to win an election on advocating socialism, Dimocrats.

    Good luck with Pocahontas.

    Trump 2020 !

  18. Joe Biden’s business dealing was far worse than the call.

  19. Republicans are disgusting people. Period.


  21. Trump is not only taking care of his interest he also taking care Putin’s interest.. the aid to Ukrainians. to buy weapons to protect themselves from Putin. I wonder a delay of 2-3 months becauseTrump held the aid, caused how many Ukrainian lives. And Trump tells Ukrainian president to work with Putin. It is not Putin’s country Ukrainians are getting killed by Putin. I am surprised our news did not talk much about Trump’s advice “work with Putin” Trump stupid but crazy and he really thinks he is the Mob boss and he is., he is saying “you better work with Putin, you no need guns,
    “ you better!

  22. The spoiled rich kids are having a temper tantrum again. People wonder how the world feels about Trump. You have to wonder what they think of the whole dumb government. Conspire against each other, leak classified information all over the world, and total disregard for the idiots that voted for them.

  23. "We are going to impeach the motherfurckkker!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. The body language and structure of sentences never ceases to amaze me when someone lies, in denial or too deep down the wrong path tha they must co continue else face embarrassment. I've seen this over and over from an early age with multiple people in various situations. Good luck dems. Continue with this if you prefer to live miserably.

  25. Yep more wasted time and money

  26. Don the Con corruption is catching up to him and will be his downfall

  27. Trump Rocks…..Biden is a Crook. Treaty requires assistance….
    Trump 2020. watch and see.

  28. Tyrone you are so right. The enemies are watching and our government is acting like 3yr olds that didnt get their way! It's a good thing we have God in our corner cause He's in control of everything.

  29. Book of Revelations is written all over this "stuff" that's going on. Pray for Trump 2020 !

  30. Mitt you lost against Trump now get over it….loser!

  31. Romney, I hear your wife was seeing bill Clinton, investigate this coward.

  32. Trump will go on. Not because he is ok but Russia and China loves where he has and taking the US. A broken down nation in one mess. They want to dominate in both military and economic fronts. Hope sanity will prevail and the GOP enters a fresh candidate to the race.

  33. @ 0:35 – just so we're making sure we're all straight on ALL the facts (not just Dem facts or GOP facts), Biden DID brag about the Ukrainian prosecutor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCF9My1vBP4

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