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Several 2020 candidates threaten to boycott the next debate over this

2020 Democratic candidates vow to skip the next Democratic debate if a labor dispute is not solved. #FoxBusiness

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  1. It's interesting to read the comments on here. I find it particularly interesting that when Democrats do something to stand with the working class that they attacked as weak, unable to run a country, or have an assumption of having nefarious motives for doing so.

  2. 😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜😜. I love it. The far left is killing the Democratic Party

  3. The Truth is….The Payolla was too small..

  4. Well they should boycott all the debates leading up to election. That won’t happen.

  5. The dems sold out workers 11 years ago. While other nations were booming, US was flat lining.

  6. Andrew yang is excluded by the democratic establishment as well as cnn and msnbc. They know yang will take away their power just like trump did. Vote yang my conservatives

  7. That is because they do not know how to solve a labor dispute. They know how to spin up a stike.

  8. Well I get we know how they will work if in office. Every strike they will stop working. But you won't stop taking that money will you.

  9. Oh goody more not working at all.. even while auditioning for the job where they will get nothing done.

  10. Tulsi Gabbard said she was considering boycotting the debates because of the DNC rigging the elections and the non transparent polling.
    Check her channel.

  11. OH, THANK GOD! We won't have to sit through another waste of airtime.

  12. Like they can't do a last minute booking somewhere else. The real problem is they have nothing to offer the American Citizens. Now they should be talking about what needs to be done to stop the homeless from setting up tents in cities and anywhere around America. President Trump has done something but the media won't report it. Jobs, Jobs and & more jobs. Hey California, load up the street people and take them to farms when the fruits and veggies are ready to pick.

  13. Watch "Ukraine on Fire" and "Revealing Ukraine" on Amazon. It is critical people worldwide understand what the real facts are and how dangerous the gov is and who are the real threat – inside the US and other countries. Then follow @stranahan on Twitter. He has been exposing all of this for nearly 3 yrs and has been demonized for sharing verified facts. Lee had to leave Breitbart because they refused him sharing the real facts about the coup and the real corrupt in the gov and outside. Please watch the videos and follow Lee and learn the facts and share wide.

  14. They're not picketing the debate, they're protesting against the idiocy of these fools😂
    BTW, Biden has admitted to cancelling Ukrainian assistance$$ for prosecutor termination, so howmis still running!!!!????

  15. The Democrats should hold their debate in one of their sanctuary cities.

  16. – if I was them I wouldn't want to debate either lool

  17. Who cares about these seven losers anymore. It has become so boring!

  18. This is horrible. All 25 people that wanted to watch it are going to be very disappointed.

  19. Those people get paid either way

  20. Some..now they wanna boycott their own debates? 😑🔫

  21. Who was the first Candidate to boycott the debate before they even knew if they qualified for it or not? 

    Now these people are following that lead!

  22. DC DEBATE should be in a Mosque where they can pray down looking at HELL, wear Burks and SLIT EACH OTHERS THROATS and shar poo end their RADICAL ANTI American SKILLS.

  23. Lol she said it 😘 they had 5000 debates already

  24. Pleeeze boycott.
    Youll be doing us a favor.

  25. LMFAO…cowards would pick any reason not to have to embarrass themselves again.

  26. These candidates are complete idiots! Here's a fun fact regarding their boycott : the thirteen people that tune into the debate (read: give away fest) will be pleased that they won't have to listen to the usual mind-numbing drivel! This could be the lowest viewer number with the highest audience rating!

  27. ILMAO Ya gotta love this . it appears Democrats just aren't satisfied going down in flames. Their now taking gasoline showers first to make it more memorable. Yep!

  28. Makes you wonder if they would refuse to carry out their Presidential duties if Starbuck's workers went on strike

  29. roflamo – they know there won't be enough ppl there for the camera to fan !!! BOYCOT MY ARS – Tuck their tails and GO HOME !

  30. I bet Biden forgets he was gonna boycott the debate and shows up 😆

  31. Steyer and Klobuchar are still running?

  32. Let them boycott.!!!! Majority of Americans don't care what the 2020 Democratic candidates, and the party have to say anyway. There all corrupt liers .

  33. The dumbocrats have nothing to offer the voters. Better they go home and ponder voting for Trump so we can get more positive action.

  34. I hope they do then no one will get asulted by them or their trash

  35. Interesting, Thanks for the info.

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