Shane Warne's top wickets on Aussie soil: 10-1

Here it is, the top 10 wickets taken on Aussie soil by The King of Spin, Shane Warne. He took a total of 453 wickets representing Australia on home soil, and we’ve narrowed it down to these 10 as the best of the best


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  1. Spinner ho tho shane warne jaisa

  2. Only batsman who gave nightmares to warne ,was master blaster sachin from mumbai.
    Not kallis,not lara,not inzimam, not anwar, not dravid.
    Imagine if kohli playing warne ,i think warne wud hav bamboozled kohli also.

  3. U piece of shit……u know …go lick wasim akrams ass…jealousy is not good

  4. South Africa aur England k batsmen bolanga may sabsa bada pagal hu may warne ko face kar raha hu

  5. Rival Shane Warne for all timeπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ❀

  6. god of class 😍😍😍😍😍

    chucker muralitharan nothing infront of god of spin warne

  7. god of cricket 😍😘 (bowler)

  8. 3:40 Tony Grieg calling Warne Waugh

  9. Shane Warne: All-time highest test wicket-taker (by a bowler with a legal action).

  10. What a stud.
    What a guy.
    What a super human

  11. 69 dislikes are from chutiya Murli the chucker fans

  12. 69 dislikes are from off spin.

  13. some classic commentary as well

  14. Warney looked a lot cooler when he was fat.

  15. What U just saw- 10 best wickets of warne
    What u didn't saw- none of those wickets were against India
    Conclusion- India played well… πŸ˜…

  16. The man who made me addicted to Cricket. SHANE WARNE. would love watching you bowl WHOLE day.

  17. But Nathan Lyon is better

  18. It looks as if nearly every cluster of 10 has a Cullinan wicket in it.

  19. It looks as if nearly every cluster of 10 has a Cullinan wicket in it.

  20. Australian summers aren't like this anymore. The great players and characters in the commentary box. What happened?

  21. Watching this it's a wonder Warne didn't take 1000 wickets.

  22. i was there aged 11 for #1. unfortunatly as an england fan, though i knew i was witnessing true greatness that day

  23. Best bowler I have ever seen.

  24. What is the secret to him spinning the ball so much?

  25. Shane Warner will always be the god of leg spin

  26. Miss you Warney. An inspiration to many.

  27. Wickets are only clean bowled, Amazing. "Warne-derful."

  28. No indian Batsmen in the list….

  29. "He's done him between his legs." Right up there in commentary history with, "The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey."

  30. Magician. Artist. Pure entertainment and a Great Match winner. One can watch him bowl all day & still won't get bored. Amazing Bowler. A Must Pick in any all time XI.
    Simply the Greatest Spinner of all time. No one can spin the ball like that, that too on those pitches which won't support spin. #GOAT

  31. Not one Indian batsman..they know how to play Shane.

  32. old days cricket commentary was very good not like new they all talk trash and ass licker of brands

  33. As a spinner Warne was far better than Murli and Kumble.. he got most of his wicket at Australia where pitch didn't support much spin…. That's why he'll be regarded as the best spinner to take the cricket field…. He was a wizard who made ball turn at his will … The only person I saw conquering this wizard was another Legendary Wizard "The GOD" himself….

  34. Best spinner of all time. No argument.

  35. Wicket no1 was so good, Eng decided to knight Andrew Strauss

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