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Shanina Shaik’s Guide to a Summer Skin Glow-Up | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Shanina Shaik’s Guide to a Summer Skin Glow-Up | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Shanina Shaik travels the world, the Australian model still finds time to maintain glowing skin. Here, she shows off her summer glow-up routine.

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Shanina Shaik’s Guide to a Summer Skin Glow-Up | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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  1. Shes sooo perfect and honest. Thnks for sharin ur skin as honest as it is. U pump our confident. Love ya, goorrjjeess 😘

  2. Is there any celeb who uses other skincare besides Barbara Sturm?

  3. Please do Indya Moore for Pride month!!! ❤️😍

  4. Can’t believe that face is 28 years old 😭💛

  5. I’m starting to feel more comfortable with my dark circles (also natural/genetics, thanks dad 😡). We need to see more real women here, with normal skin, normal imperfections, just normal. We don’t need 2826382623826 million videos of women with 90% of their face done fr

  6. Ok everything about her is gorgeous!!!

  7. She’s absolutely beautiful 😍

  8. Wtf are anti-pollution drops?!

  9. I didn’t know that she has an accent omg

  10. Middle eastern women is so beautiful they have the special look on them and killer eyes 👀

  11. LOVE Shanina she is so cool and chill and I just love her

  12. Such a natural beauty and still so Aussie and down to earth, love her! I knew she was special when I saw her on Make Me a Supermodel all those years ago!

  13. Irina Shayk next please!!! Thank you Vogue

  14. She gave me a PIA WURTZBACH vibes

  15. She looks high lol

  16. someone please list the products, or at least tell me the name and shade of that blush!!!!!! Please and thanks!

  17. She’s so beautiful and her voice is too, this was the most soothing and relaxing video to watch I had to watch it again

  18. She’s gorgeous!! 😍 unfortunately not all of us can afford these expensive skincare/makeup products! We’re not all models with a model salary. I wish these videos could be a little more realistic to everyday society and incorporate more products that fans/followers can actually afford.
    Just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏼♥️

  19. Beautiful eyes 👀 color

  20. Beautiful features make everything look good even breakout and dark cirlcles

  21. Victoria’s Secret should have been made her an angel 😭

  22. I follow shanina but have never really heard her speak lol this just made me adore her even more

  23. Gorgeous queen, fellow aussie hello!

  24. This comment section needs to give more love to her brows tho …just look at that perfection…i mean…goalss

  25. When she put down her beautiful hair 🤯😍

  26. Am copying every step for my first date tonight! wish me luck <3

  27. Isn't that the same dress Taylor Hill was wearing?

  28. Her collarbone is too pretty.

  29. come on WHO HAS A FACE LIKE THAT?! im mad

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