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Shark Encounter in 180: Worth More Alive | National Geographic

Shark Encounter in 180: Worth More Alive | National Geographic

Come face to face with several species of sharks at Tiger Beach, while on expedition with conservationist Jim Abernethy. Shark diving generates millions of dollars every year in the Bahamas, where the apex predators are protected by the government and there is a $5,000 fine for shark fishing.
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Shark Encounter in 180: Worth More Alive | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Sharks are a big contributor in maintaining the health and balance of our oceans. What are your thoughts on the attempts being made to protect these animals?

  2. Just make some technology to replace them

  3. Илрлропшагт нещгпг


  4. and people are suffering for years or dying decades ahead of their time to medical denial. Trust me, sharks are plenty capable of looking out for themselves and there is no shortage of them.

  5. am i the only one that think hammer shark looks cute?

  6. Thank you for this beautiful VR180 Video. There is just a little problem of 3D vertical aligment around 2:10

  7. Here's my question …HOW ? How can I help, besides reposting this video? This topic has been on my heart for about a year now.

  8. Save them they are worth more than those filthy illegal fishers.

  9. Amazing.keep up the great job.

  10. Sharks.. Beautyfull creatures 😀

  11. Tney need a channel with just videos like this

  12. 💯% I'm from Murry Island , we treasure them like gold 🇦🇺

    Plastic disgusting should never been made it will be the end of us

    People say nuclear war I say plastic and using earth as a dump

  13. Everything is more cleaner than it was back in the 90's. Stop making out we need to do more

  14. The thumbnail is deceiving… I thought it was some new kind of shark. Whatever

  15. Sharks are one of my favourite creatures and I constantly am working to protect them. Florida still allows shark fishing and murdering. One slight upside is that there is finally a special permit starting this July that you need in order to catch a shark. We should take note of what the Bahamas has done and not allow our predatorial keystone species to be killed.

  16. Sad that a species that has survived several major extinctions is being driven towards extinction themselves by a species less than 500,000 years old.

  17. Alive & free of us.

    There's a heard of captive whales in Russia right now, they're worth a LOT more alive, it's why they're still alive.

    People need to be clear with their words, how bloody hard is that ffs esentially a marketing line you've got there, & the answer is it's not hard, it's really not

  18. Human population is the only pollution.

  19. Support King Orm Marius for Ocean’s Top Conservationist

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