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Shocking Report Uncovers How The DOJ Is Protecting Trump

Shocking Report Uncovers How The DOJ Is Protecting Trump

Trump’s Attorney General is making sure the emoluments clause doesn’t apply to his boss. Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, and Nando Vila, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/apr/09/dojs-new-stance-on-foreign-payments-or-gifts-to-trump-blurs-lines-experts

“The Department of Justice has adopted a narrow interpretation of a law meant to bar foreign interests from corrupting federal officials, giving Saudi Arabia, China and other countries leeway to curry favor with Donald Trump via deals with his hotels, condos, trademarks and golf courses, legal and national security experts say.

The so-called foreign emoluments clause was intended to curb presidents and other government officials from accepting gifts and benefits from foreign governments unless Congress consents.

But in a forthcoming article in the Indiana Law Journal, the Washington University Law professor Kathleen Clark reveals justice department filings have recently changed tack. The new interpretation, Clark says, is contained in justice filings responding to recent lawsuits lodged by attorneys generals and members of Congress.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Nando Vila

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Nando Vila


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  1. Perhaps the Establishment Dems and the Reps are financially corrupt to a degree, and they want NO LIGHT shining on financial corruptions of Trump.

  2. Trump is a con man, Russian puppet, corrupt and dangerous president. Wake up people!

  3. Wow if that's true, you dimmercrats are getting some of your own medicine, you protected that clown odimbo and his lying criminal cohorts. So suck it up buttercup. TRUMP 2020 and BEYOND!!!!!!!! Bwahahaha!!!!! Lying a…holes!!!!!

  4. Traitor trump put in office via Russia and now committing a wholesale of our USA government.

  5. Why have laws if no consequences? How stupid are people?
    Just shit on the constitution then. Traitors now with corruption with the DOJ, where is the seals to stop this corruption.

  6. He can only do this because the republicons let him.

  7. Trump isn't doing anything brazenly and openly that previous Presidents haven't done in the closet. Trump has opened up the sewer that is US politics and exposed it to the Sun. Trump is the Bull in the China shop out of control unrestrained and is stirring up the shite and filth all around him in his wake. He is too stupid to be subtle.

  8. Because of T-RUMP and his inbREDs we came close to being called "Confederate States of Russia" .

  9. Nothing new here. This ass of President hire those guys for that purpose nothing else. What happen to all GOP when they try to tell about constitution for before this Jojo get here.

  10. This is why my family migrated BACK to EUROPE!! FU CK USA

  11. TYT has gone CORPORATE.

  12. Straight up fascism. If he doesn’t leave when he gets voted out in 2020 we Amerikans need to make him leave one way or another

  13. Republicans are enabling this thieving, lying piece of shit con man.

  14. When gullible sheep are allowed to vote. He's opened up more doors for they're corruption accepting gifts and money from other countries without Congress approval. The GREATNESS is gonna be the nail in the coffin.

  15. And Congress should use that to look at Trump's taxes….

  16. I can't believe some has not dusted off the morning in america and bear in the woods and updated them for trump.

    Its morning again. Today many transgender american who want to serve this country can't because of the homophobe agenda.

    Today a unindited sexual predator is serving on the supreme court.

    Today the justice department is helping the administration cover up treason and other high crimes.

    And the bear one. There is a bear in the woods. Some want to take the bears money to sell out our country and block gun laws that would protect our children.

    Some want to remove sanctions and leave the un to thank the bear for stealing an election.

    Some want to suck the bears dick to build a hotel in russia and to profit from money laundering.

    In school a teacher had a poster with all the nixon people jailed and that escaped justice. I just wonder how that poster is going to look for the next generation. And i wonder if barr is worried like he should be for his actions.

  17. Is anybody really surprised by this?

  18. The United States has a 200 year history of not prosecuting white supremacists.

  19. Jimmy dore left these fascists tyt in the dust you should all do the same take the red pill you durty bitches

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