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Shocking Video Of Ohio School Bus Crash Sparks Nationwide Call For Seatbelts | NBC Nightly News

Ohio is one of the 42 states that does not require seatbelts on school buses. The NTSB is now calling for three point seatbelts on all new buses.
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Shocking Video Of Ohio School Bus Crash Sparks Nationwide Call For Seatbelts | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Only the Driver had the seatbelt. I think it’s a cost cutting measure

  2. What is the use of this. School bus driver must be Drunk

  3. Buses don’t need seat belts, this driver was in the wrong because he didn’t check left/right at the intersection. If he slammed on the breaks the bus wouldn’t have flipped. Also the bus didn’t flip because it got hit, it flipped because the driver had his foot on the gas pulling his whole body weight on the steering wheel, doesn’t seem like his seatbelt was too tight either 🙄

  4. These are States they got right-wing governments they have no compassion for kids or middle class or lower middle class people

  5. I don't quite understand! when I was a kid.. and I rode the school bus for elementary years (I was one of those bused-in kids in the 70's, heh) there WERE seat belts.. a single belt and 2 persons to a seat and it was like a prison bus too- no padding, steel all around. the belts were these thick nylon straps similar to those that the military use to strap equipment down.. dark green and all. all triple-stitched with 40 pound-test fishing line and the buckles were these double-ratchet-spring-loaded lockdown things.. (I'm surprised they didn't require a KEY to release them!) but yeah.. and the "battle ax"-err-attendant made SURE we were all strapped in too; I didn't mind it that much, but.. I was strapped-in with Floyd- who never took a bath! (I wonder whatever became of Floyd… when I tell you he REEKED, I'm NOT kidding! otherwise, Floyd was Okay.. you know? I bet hes a "gern-a-plile" now and takes 200 showers a day! heh) Other things about those days- there was NO talking at all.. couldn't even talk to Floyd.. (except when the bus was parked in front of the school and the attendants (from other buses parked there) got off to cackle among themselves. anyways.. I don't think that it should be like it was, back in the day…(I wonder if that experience has emotionally-damaged me!), but you'd think that seat belts would still be mandatory.. I mean, that is a integral safety feature!

  6. Rather than seat belts that trap young children in panic with one adult to help free them from a bus either burning or about to explode, which is why they never had seat belts to begin with, why not add padding to the ceiling and seats? Just a thought. Or better yet – quit busing children across town and invest in community schools with smaller class size – a win win situation all around.

  7. Seatbelts save lives. Period. Sure there are cases where it can cause injury or even death. Theres a reason usa has seatbelt laws. Kids won't die from being suspended upside down for a reasonable amount of time but can die from head trauma in accidents like this one.

  8. As the wife of a school bus driver seatbelts on buses wil take more lives not save them.
    They said it them selves 8 fatalities to 7000 injuries that's good numbers.
    You know what will make school buses safer? Teaching people to OBAY SCHOOLBUSS LAWS
    In this video every child was able to get up and get off the bus the elder driver was injured and shook up. Had thos children been buckled in they would be stuck and hanging from seats helpless

  9. Yeah, then you would have 30 kids suspended unable to release the belt. I drive a school bus, by the way. If there is fire, how are you going to get up to 84 kindergarten through 6th grade kids unbuckled? This driver did not do well. He did not shut the bus off for a long time. Did not call for help at all, that I could see. He played with his phone the whole time. I heard no 2-way radio traffic.

    Also, you have to slow down and look left right left every time. I never go through at more than 35 and never as soon as it turns green. It looked to me the light just turned green for him. I feel for the driver, but he will most likely be dismissed after this. He should have assisted the evacuation. Put the phone away if you are not going to use it to call for help.

  10. so no one got seriously hurt or died but we still need more regulations?! im so sick of the nanny state the us has become…hurry up trump.

  11. Good video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  12. Fantastic video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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