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Music by: https://soundcloud.com/mybohemia

If you are a musician and would like to feature your music (hip hop, piano, instrumental, acoustic tunes) in my vlogs please email me at conover.er@gmail.com subject “NYC TUNES”


Shot on my Canon S110

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  1. Erick has changed so much it’s weird rewatching this old vlogs

  2. At the end at 12:43 , when Erik has the still picture of himself on-screen, he looks exactly like JFK Jr.

  3. Morena beautiful wow, nice girl guys are looking happy with yes work happy with my boss guys are doing well thought 👍

  4. I've never eaten Tilapia. How does the taste of Tilapia compare to Halibut?

  5. 500 days of summer!!! song

  6. it is so cute how excited u are to meet jess <3

  7. A girl that is beautiful, buys you stuff and cooks for you in 2016…you got the lottery, better put a ring on it.

  8. Hey guyz, i"m a little bit late on keeping up with the new videos cuz i just got to know your channel..
    With that being said, i'd like to let you know that i'm loving everyvlog of you and Jess the monster-penguin.. i love you guys and keep us on the loop.
    Ps: Erik you can't daaaaaaaance hahahahahahahah
    Also, for the last 4 days i'm watching approximately 6 videos a day to catch on your latest vlogs

  9. I LOVE ur video blogs / really good .AND I LIKE MOST UR TRAVEL VIDEOS [caribean ,beaches ,etc],PLEASE upload more ur tour clips.tnx & GOOD LUCK…………………

  10. omg!!!! it's so funny you talk about the smells my best friend always talks about how she can't wait for "the future where we can send smells to each other through text messages"

  11. I always get scared of you walking nearby the street

  12. I think Erik just previewed the Hotline Bling dance…

  13. i have been binge-watching your vlogs and can't stop, they are so good:)

  14. i love you both! new subscriber here 🙂

  15. wow you are both pretty and down to earth

  16. where did you get your umbrella? i've been looking all over for one with a curved handle. Umbrellas are scarce in L.A.

  17. Jessica! I was just watching this vlog (I love watching your guys' vlogs while I get work on documents at work) and I was inspired to go check out Gap.com's jackets after seeing the letterman jacket you got for Erik (hi!)…. and then I SEE YOU! Amazing! You two are the best. xo, d'Auria

  18. Erik you should wear the outfits that jessica pick more often lol, love you both!

  19. I enjoy your simplicity so much, never change. I make millions but live such a boaring and superficial life, never change. and dude mary her shes perfect.

    Watching your videos I remember whe I was hustling and didnt have much money. Keep working hard but never forget to have fun and simplicty. I made the mistake of not finding a girl when I was working my way up, now they are all gold diggers.

  20. We call videos "Vi-di-doe-z" hahaha.

  21. Great channel I just subscribed. I am from Scotland and I love how the videos give a real sense of the ups and downs of everyday life in New York. You have a really nice manner Erik. You have a great attitude towards life and I appreciate how candid you have been about striving to find meaningful work and manage your finances and negotiate a tough city. I've been there! 🙂

  22. Jazz and rain, my favorite 🙂

  23. +ErikConover Now that you're feeling more confident in filming yourself in public and talking to yourself, do strangers join you ever and start talking to you while you film or do they still stare and look at you weird?

  24. this guy is way to nice no way your this nice all the time lol i dont mean to offend but it comes off as phony

  25. Erik those are some Fred Astaire dance moves! Lol =)

  26. What are the boots Jess was wearing in the Gap they are so cute!!

  27. …a cute couple – beautiful on the inside and out! Good Luck to you both! Wishing you years of success.

  28. Hall and Oats while shopping . Very New York. 💃

  29. Jess looks exactly like Aspyn Ovard!

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