Should Apple give users’ information to help law enforcement cases?

FOX Business’ Susan Li discusses Apple’s involvement with law enforcement in cases such as mass shootings and the privacy issues that come up with situations like these.

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  1. Should? They already do…Anything else they say is propaganda.

  2. Only bootlickers would want this.

  3. No. Big brother and the 🐖 have all the tools they need. I am 55 years old and have never and will never call Police. They arrive after the fact. And I don't want to be killed.

  4. If the information is subpoenaed then yes they should be required to help . But if there is no warrant or subpoena then absolutely not .

  5. I don't believe apple should give in to the government. Government has violated our privacy for far too long. Enough!

  6. After a builder finishes a home, do they have a key to that home after purchase? No!!!
    And yes, each time is a special case asking Apple to unlock the device, and again, Law Enforcement got a warrant after they hit the devices privacy wall!

  7. There are existing laws covering these cases. The arguments about "no back door" are normative law ("there ought to be a privacy law"), not positive law. Ask Louis "Just gimme the bits" Freeh.

  8. A tragic shooting is a hunting accident! These are terrorist attacks, purposeful and evil!

  9. What if the bad guys have access to a weapon of mass destruction? get an iphone and apple will protect you and the good guys wouldn't know?

    i would prefer that they DON'T give me privacy than to live in fear.

  10. No middle ground on the constitution and the rights it gives us!

  11. Fox news shilling for the deep state?

  12. Apple will voluntarily give all conservative information without a warrant. Standard practice.

  13. Why is this even being presented as if they already don't have whatever evidence they wanted from the phone? Anyone that thinks any of their cellular data is not already collected is willfully ignorant. Gov't doesn't need a warrant to snatch it out of the air, or retrieve it from NSA servers. Every transmission is already collected. You do, however, need a warrant to present it as legally admissible evidence, though even that seems null and void since the Patriot Act was enacted. This is merely for show to repair Apple's image and give the public the false sense that they have privacy.

  14. Boycott Apple for so many reasons.

  15. It's Cyber Crimes which is happening on Cyber Data, Electronic Data circulating in Cyber World and this Cyber Crime must be impeached to collect-recover data for prosecution for violation of USA🇺🇸CFR_ORG Code of Federal Regulations and exploitation against USA🇺🇸Cyber Infrastructure and Security Administration-CISA. Ban the violator's-exploiters from USA🇺🇸 and Ban International Telecom Union, W3C, iCANN, and DISCARD the implants.

  16. Apple just like the commie democrats would rather protect terrorists than Americans.

  17. No. As has been shown time and again if you give law enforcement access they will abuse it and over reach.

  18. No I’ll return my iPhone immediately. The Us said Huawei has a backdoor. The Us gov wants a back door for iPhone.

  19. Don't trust the FBI, no way!!! FISA abuse.

  20. If this wasn't a valid investigation into Jessy Smollett & criminal conspiracy I would say, Hell No! But this path does lead to the back door of the Obama's. Along with a senate inspired conspiracy to fear monger the passage of a ridiculous piece of legislation, the anti lynching law by Corey booker and kamala Harris. This anti lynching bill only had 6 co-signers, after the Smallett hoax it picked up 56 in the matter of days and passed! This was unnecessary as several other existing laws did exist that provided for the punishment of such crimes without using the word lynching, but was implyed in multiple laws. I believe this one case to be an exception. However due process had better be adhered to. This was a clear conspiracy to defraud the congress by these two senator's, our government and the people. This one's an exception.

  21. Apple will loose customers….

  22. When someone KiLLs someone they don't have any privesy,rights,or anything,…they purposely, killed someone ,sounds like Apple is ,,,helping the bad guy.

  23. Sure just as soon as you get a warrant

  24. Citizens deserve privacy… illegals do not

  25. They could go through my briefcase, my files, if warrants rejected, it’s Prison.

  26. We went through this a few years ago. Give it to isreal to hack.

  27. Mind boggling how people still believe the privacy & security statements
    If they have physical posession of that phone they dont need apple for anything. It's just neighborly if they cooperated

  28. He was not an American citizen, he has no rights. He killed Americans.

  29. Apple already has too much access, do NOT give it to the government, they blew it big time with the FISA court bs

  30. I do not have an Apple phone and I would not ever want one but I do appreciate the honesty as a security and I would not want my phone to be broken into. I am a programmer and I program my own phones for many of years for security reasons and I would not want anybody to gain access ever! If you do it for one person you're going to have to do it for another.
    again I am not an Apple fan but I do stand behind them

  31. Absolutely not !
    Never trust government

  32. Does Apple 🍎 think 🤔 we as are that stupid,
    Yes there a back door 🚪 . It doesn’t matter what Apple phone it is. They know how to unlock it.

  33. apple:we can do this to China,why not America

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