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Should you clean your mail and groceries? How about face masks? | USA TODAY

From mail to masks: Top tips on what to disinfect and how to disinfect it.
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  1. I’m not hearing anything about the safety of using cash. Personally, I’m using bank cards for everything.

  2. and…and… you should ALWAYS clean your butthole with a wire brush and isopropyl alcohol after everytime you fart, its really the only way to stay clean people, howard hughes was right!

  3. News about telling you what you SHOULD do. Baaahhhhhh

  4. Why isn't anyone afraid of getting the virus from money? It touches so many hands, it's definitely swarming with germs.

  5. and you wonder why we laugh at so called news agencies now

  6. Yes for 20 seconds with soap and water your tomatoes your hands and your vegetables.

  7. "We are like talking about germs right? And germs are baaaadd riiight? We like, have to get rid of them you know, because um….. They are bad. Ya know?"

    Learn to speak properly before you start calling yourselves experts 🙄 They sound like a bunch of junior high kids trying to do a group project

  8. So Many Lies…. I truly hope people snap out of this hysteria and realize that ts is all media hype intended for a GREATER PURPOSE. THEY ARE AFTER YOUR FREEDOMS/LIBERTIES.. Dontt say someone didn't warn you. Turn off the TV, im only here to see how deep this lie goes

  9. Wear a mask but take it off to eat kiss my a$$ media.

  10. Live the fear you psychos

  11. What happens when you got a n95 with the moisture vent then spray it down with alcohol 70%or higher then sit that aside til fully dry will that be sanitized?

  12. Use a UV wand available on Ebay for $35 to kill viruses. Takes 10 seconds.

  13. These idiots 1st say they don’t know anything about this cause it’s so new now all of a sudden now 2 months later their experts. Anything to get on TV. Everything their saying now by next week they will be saying something totally different.

  14. most of your face masks are coming from china factories, i think you should spread the word to soak your face masks in antibacterial soap for at least an hour. dont trust any medical supplies coming from china

  15. Do your thing reptilian. Keep on fooling them dummy with your fake smile and cute faces. Watch when them perception satellite turns off.

  16. I literally only click to complain. have a good day.

  17. Give it a good wipe with TP

  18. "What you've just said are some of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent responses were you even close to anything that could be considered rational thoughts. Everyone here is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your souls."

  19. I think everybody should literally disinfect everything! Make sure no germs, bacteria or viruses make it anywhere near your body. We do not want our immune system‘s to get the chance to become strong and build up immunity to these things so please everyone kill all the germs! Weaken your immune system!

  20. Someone sneezes on a can, you touch it, then your face.
    Adrianna and Jill are morons. All groceries that come into my house get washed with soapy water or are wiped down with a soapy wash cloth. I throw all plastic grocery bags away. I mop the floor and wipe down every surface that had contact with bags or groceries. Mail gets a liberal spraying of alcohol and then left to air dry. Not doing so is irresponsible to yourself and others.
    Do not wash fruit and veg with soap because it can be harmful? Uh, no. One, rinse. Two, soap is not toxic. Three, use a dilute vinegar rinse on fruits like strawberries. Eating the virus will not make you sick. Touching produce then your face can.
    2:27 Much less is not zero. Why is it recommended to wash your hands after going to get groceries or the mail if it is much less likely? Contradictory statements. IDIOT DING
    Perfectly 100% fine to spray a mask with 60%+ isopropyl alcohol. Let it air dry before wearing it.

  21. This is laughable “put your mask in a brown paper bag for a few days“ how about you just go put it outside somewhere in direct sunlight in anything will be dead within a few minutes versus putting it in a brown paper bag for God knows how many days 🙄

  22. Open your boxes outside. Throw away packaging wash your hands and then take your things into the house. Be careful and thoughtful. ✌🏽

  23. If it comes from China YES!
    Sunlight people or handheld UV device

  24. You guys are just here to spread the fear with your little ass virology knowledge lmao

  25. Wash your hands after handling items from outside your house. Boom done. Also stop using bleach for everything because it will irritate your lungs and make you more susceptible to disease.

  26. They say you do not need to wipe down your groceries because it is so unlikely to get coronavirus that way… But you better wash your hands immediately after handling your groceries otherwise you could get coronavirus that way.

  27. Covid19 is old news. Huge bees are the new problem.

  28. And take off your shoes, before you enter your house or apartment. And leave them outside or away from room. You walking on viruses, while outside !

  29. These dimwits are saying put your mask after use in a brown bag up to a week to kill the virus really a brown ducking bag really???

  30. Been doing it anyways no need to tell me not to do it. Also if it’s advised to wash your hands after touching all aforementioned items but you shouldn’t disinfect those same items hmmmmmmmm …

  31. I own a huge UV light sterilizing unit that I use to sterilize certain products for the spa I own. Didn’t think it would ever come in handy besides for my business.

  32. Why aren't they wearing masks? My monitor is closer than six feet away.

  33. No you dont have to. Don't have to clean anything other than the mask. Virus doesn't live that long on surfaces. This video is for dum dums who needs their gum gum

  34. Just wipe everything down. In about a month, a new report will come out saying there’s a 96% chance of contracting COVID through groceries.

  35. It didn't take much for germophobia and anti-social behavior to become mainstream.

  36. Just like masks do it if you want but there shouldn’t be a law stating you “have” to. That’s BS. We’ve let everyone choose for themselves until now….now it’s like our choices are getting smaller and smaller.

  37. Spray and wipe and let sit in natural air until dry, using gloves unpack and spray done again or if possible soak with vinegar before handling or putting away

  38. Apparently people are lost. The country is lost. We need to unite. https://youtu.be/SowE0LJzvhk

  39. Every parody and joke on YouTube gets their special tag to get your information from the WHO, but people giving health advice gets a pass? Who says YouTube isn't biased.

  40. Who uses bleach on edible items? Soap is fine on foods that have outer layers you peel. Things that you cook like meat are getting cooked. That kills most organisms. Using alcohol on other things works.


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