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Yes, I really am THIS committed to Every Day May!! So today I was too ill to do a vlog, so I put together this short video showing what I do on Sick Days! Including a little pamper routine, basic makeup, making the room comfortable, and a few feel better tips!

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  1. I’m so congested rn and when I’m congested I start getting stressed because I feel this tension feeling because I can’t breathe, and yeah so now I don’t want to sleep because of that.

  2. wait u guys actually have a plan when you r sick.
    I just suffer in my room and don’t have enough energy to do my whole face routine 😂

  3. So today I’m sick…and so I was craving a whole bowl of fruits. When I went to look in the fridge…there was NOTHING. So what I had for breakfast was a glass of water, a glass of milk, a glass of guava juice, hot chocolate, bread with butter, and orange slices. What I actually wanted is now just a dream in my memories…

  4. Who cares if she puts on makeup. Stop hating on her. If she wants to look more alive and actually feel like a human then let her. Good grief. Love you girl and don’t care what everyone says. Love ya!

  5. I’m really sick at the moment with flu 🤧 anyone else watch these videos when there ill ?

  6. makeup????and a nap with makeup on?????no wayyy

  7. I'm sick whilst watching this and I'm not even dressed

  8. Um…. I'm extremely sick I would HATE doing my makeup

  9. I've fever girl I can't move
    Stepping into the shower is a nightmare for me now 😖😖

  10. you where makeup when you are sick.

  11. Im sick and i have tea tissues lying in bed and dying

  12. How is this a sick day routine?

  13. Ok I get that maybe putting on makeup might entertain you or make you feel mentally better, but…… wouldn’t it just come of when you blow your nose?

  14. I don't think she sick bc she ain't going anywhere so why you need to put on makeup 🤔🤔

  15. If you are well enough to do all this, then you are well enough to drag yourself into work! 🤔

  16. Why makeup? Let your skin breath and sweat when you are sick. Oh my…

  17. Wow, so many chemicals. Terrible to put your body through this, when you are sick. You should consider natural (as in actually from nature, with pronounceable ingredients, not just stated "natural") products, and giving your skin a rest from make up. When you are sick, your skin is your largest organ, and you need to let it filter your illness out, and breath, not clog it with silicones, dyes, and again more chemicals. Dated viewing, and disappointed. Too bad, because you are so pretty, even with no make up, and sick!

  18. My sick day routine is sitting downstairs with a blanket on the sofa whilst watching tv

  19. My sick routine is …
    Wake up
    Get an orange and hot tea
    Lay in bed
    Light a candle watch YouTube
    Do whatever else I want to help me
    🤒👍🏻ps I’m sick right now 🤒🤒🤒🤒

  20. hey hope you feel better i am sick too!

  21. I currently have 40°C temperature 🙁

  22. I have a cold 🤧 😴🤒🤒

  23. My sick day routine is waking up at 6am, try to go back to sleep, wake up every hour because I can’t sleep, now actually wake up, take a bunch of pills, (I don’t light or use any smells because they make my headache way worse)

  24. All I do is watch Netflix and sleep

  25. I have a defuser like that! It works so well!

  26. I’m sick today and my routine is Netflix movies, sleep and water lol I cba to do anything when I’m sick

  27. Just a question wouldn’t it be smarter not to wear makeup while sick so that the brushes and product do not get flu, strep, cold, ect germs on it ? 🦠🦠😣

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