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Six Books that Inspired Rebecca Traister’s Good and Mad

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Author and New York contributing editor Rebecca Traister discusses the books that inspired her fiercely argued and profoundly relevant history of America’s “oppressed majority,” Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger (Simon & Schuster) — which comes out today — as well as a couple she wishes she’d gotten around to earlier.

I spent about six months doing interviews and research for Good and Mad, presuming the whole time that I would be writing this book, which was meant to be a slow chronicle of the Trump administration, over several years. But the fast-burning wrath of just the first year of that regime — from the Women’s Marches to the female candidates to #MeToo — forced me to change course pretty quickly. And so the actual writing of the book was done in four months. That meant that I was relying on a lot of books I’d already read and absorbed, turning quickly to many others as research material, and desperately hoping to be able to read and incorporate many more but failing to for lack of time. Here are the few that made the biggest impressions on me.


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