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Skechers Faces Lawsuit After Light Up Shoes Burn Children

Skechers Faces Lawsuit After Light Up Shoes Burn Children

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A class action lawsuit claims that Skechers light-up shoes can explode during use, causing burns on the children who wear them. The plaintiff claims that while her son was wearing the shoes normally, he was burned by heat that came from the back of the shoes. The Skechers class action says the boy developed swelling, burning, blistering, and pain from the defect. According to the plaintiff, the burns occurred because the shoes had a defective, battery-power electrical system. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this with Scott Hardy from Top Class Actions.

Link – https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/apparel/897684-skechers-class-action-says-light-up-shoes-cause-burns/

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  1. These things have been around for 27 years. How is this the first time this is happening?

  2. This is what TYT should stick to, dump the racebaiting.

  3. I find that products for babies and kids, such as these shoes, baby powder, toys etc. are apparently ok to be put on the market at any time as is. Marijuana and vaping products on the other hand are cast a shadow on by saying " oh but we do not know the LONG TERM EFFECTS of those, hence we cant allow even ADULTS to use them without severely restricting their sales, advertising and use. I'm happy that governments around the world care so much about my health as a smoking adult and since I do not have kids currently I guess I should not care about all the infants and children harmed and dying because of government's lack of basic oversight over sensitive products such as the ones this video talks about. Parents should be outraged at their elected leaders.

  4. sketchers sucks. I broke my friggen ankle on their fitness sneakers

  5. People that let their children wear light up shoes are idiots.
    Materialism will destroy us.

  6. Where were the shoes manufactured? China. Corporate greedy creates unsafe products. We need more manufacturing to be done in the United States.

  7. We are a stupid culture obsessed with cheap shiny things .
    Similar to insects attracted to light .
    We sacrifice many lives to the misuse of Lucifer's gifts .
    Sacrifices will be made .
    ( 20 children a day for the internal combustion engine on our roads .
    We send them out regardless . )

  8. So a few children were injured, the market will fix this. This could have been avoided with less regulations.

  9. This is just bad parenting, never let your kids be a social science experience. Why do liberals always fail at this stuff?

  10. WHY! WHY! Do engineers choose Lithium based secondary batteries!?!?!? They are just so bloody sensitive and fragile, and to put them in shoes – CHILDREN'S SHOES, is just bad bad engineering. Really poor engineering!

  11. I am surprised, because I thought they used a capacitor for storage, powered by a moving magnet in a coil, like one of those torches that lights up when you shake it. LEDs, particularly ones that just flash momentarily, don't need a lot of power.

  12. Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun the most wonderful wonderful thing about tiggers is Im the only one!!

  13. What do you expect when they are being MADE by children.

  14. LMFAO! I knew people in the comment section were gonna be up in arms about the "bouncing around like little tiggers" comment. They gotta be trolling, they can't be serious. He was comparing playful, bouncy children to Tigger, a character in Winnie The Pooh who's hyper active, and bounces on his tail. There was no racism in his comment folks, nothing to see here, lets move along.

  15. How did the ones work so well 15 years qgo? And if they have pulled them, and you still let your kids wear them, is it your fault now, because you've been warned??

  16. Light-up shoes have been around for a very long time. This is the first time I have heard of one catching fire.

  17. la gear wouldn’t of hurt the childers!!

  18. Terri's I'm going to blame.
    Probably trying to cut costs

  19. They use 1 AA battery… all batteries can catch fire, but it's a pretty low risk. If we start going nuts over batteries, we'll be back in the stone age before long. If her kid was badly burned Sketchers should compensate her. Then maybe put a warning. Kids gotta have fun… gotta have those light up shoes. Besides they're more likely to get hit by a car while riding their bikes.

  20. My 9 yr old wants to see the video.. or shoes! Lol she does not believe it…

  21. So now Sketchers are liable because they didnt put a label on their shoes "May fall over while walking"

  22. I never immediately side with corporations over people but in this I must ask. If Sketchers asked for the burnt evidence so that it could be properly analyzed in a laboratory, would it not be fair if they assumed a fraudulent claim was being submitted if the plaintiffs refused to provide remains of their supposed defective product???

  23. Light up shoes cause autism.

  24. What, no video of this, unbelievable. Yall show everything you do with your child, but no video🤨🤨🤨

  25. Yawn….I mean TYT is complete garbage, but I have no idea why even they choose allow this trash on their channel.

  26. The only reason tyt talks about these mostly frivolous lawsuits is because they are just randomly fishing for possible clients so they can make a buck. People like this are what drive up the cost of living. Scrum bags!

  27. Sketchers light em up exploders do they still sell those?

  28. Didn't Skechers back up kapprenick ?…

  29. The are a dem supporting company and all they do is harm children. Go figure.

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