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Snail Zombies | National Geographic

Parasitic worms seem almost able to make these snails do their own bidding!
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Snail Zombies | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Reverse Plants vs Zombies

  2. and the purpose of this parasite is what???

  3. your dad eats bird shit.

  4. Wat kind of drug is this Snail on…….holy sh*t

  5. I would love to know too, what was going on in my head when I wrote that

  6. Not exactly 'Super', is it?

  7. weeoweeoweeeoooeoeoeoeowoeeowoeowoeowoeoooo

  8. I mean… how's that for eyerony?

  9. Snail Nazi zombies would be a great game!

  10. A SNAIL ZOMBIE !!!!!!!!!!

  11. WTF… I'm not gonna sleep now… 0_0

  12. The Snail has been smoking to much Bong 😛

  13. THAT ghey snail is hype trololololol

  14. FFFUUUUUU so disgusting! Dx

  15. they look high as fuck haha

  16. @chizpa305 well people think many things

  17. Can i Feed my boss some of these.?

  18. i find this very VERY hard to masturbate too

  19. I felt bad for the snails until I realized they ate shit.

  20. I think natural selection is not very successful at explaining this phenomena in the evolution.

  21. My eyes are just feeling sore by looking at that

  22. @AzulBaronis How scary is that thought 😮

  23. Thumbs up if you reckon they're going to evolve in billions of years time and be able to mind control larger animals and maybe one day… humans!

  24. Eww… Thats fucking disgusting D:

  25. @Slaughter13of45night then you have to run from birds to…-.-

  26. @CaptainCrunch4Me salt doesn't really kill them.

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