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Sneak peek: 'If Ricky Ponting says it, it's right' | The Test | Amazon Prime Video

In a special glimpse into Amazon’s upcoming documentary series ‘The Test’, Australian men’s players and coaches discuss the ‘Punter effect’ with exclusive footage from Ricky Ponting’s stint as an assistant during the 2019 World Cup


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  1. Someone i hate…….when he played…..but legend…..off the field….love from India

  2. Punter was a real cricketer.
    Punter was a perfect batsman.
    Punter knew the game he played very well.
    And yes Punter was a god's gift to Australia….

  3. he and langer are cheater.

  4. 3:05 The way Lyon says "Genius"
    Indeed he is!

  5. Anyone notice Warner using grey nicolls 3:07

  6. Cricket Australia needs to believe in the ablities that Assistant coach Ricky Ponting has in himself and appoint permanently for the same job.

  7. When u became legend and then trying looking for error in your team,, best use of legend I think

  8. David Warner is playing with grey Nicolas once buy his now sponsor is spartan

  9. Much love pointing ❤️🇮🇳

  10. My all time Favorite Cricketer….Love You PUNTER.😎😎😎

  11. I love smith..😍😍

  12. One of the great player Ponting

  13. When is the series coming? Can't wait!

  14. 👌👌💚🙏

  15. Look at australians preparation for ashes & wc
    And what about India nothing " are ho jayega"

  16. and we are doing Chahal TV😂😂

  17. If ponting says it's right, just refer 2008 Sydney test match on youTube

  18. If I have a chance, I want Ricky Ponting as my coach

  19. Big fan of Adam Gilchrist from Nepal 🇳🇵

  20. Ponting takes one bounce catches.

    Lyon : If punter says it . It's right.

  21. I love how Nathan Lyon is wearing a hat indoors

  22. Look at Indian batting coach who knows who is he only politics is going in Indian cricket people not having ability to coach Kenya are in Indian coach staff

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