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'SNL' goes to the dogs in the best way | USA TODAY

‘SNL’ goes to the dogs in spoof with Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway.

“SNL” gives voice to the military dog that helped take down an ISIS leader. A previous version of this video mislabeled “Dancing with the Stars.”

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  1. its just a tv show get over it

  2. USA Today? You people need help!! Stop pretending people like this! Never watch your hate station ever again….. Scumbags with money

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  4. SNL you are as funny as…..

  5. Snl how low can u go what a shame shame on u all really last time i ever watch it…

  6. Snl needs to rot in hell. Nobody is forgetting these jokes, making fun of Trump is as funny as when kramer used the n word excessively. Its offensive to over half the country you idiots. Guess who is never going to pay to see your lame movies?

  7. Remember when Hillary was talking about how we need to pull out of Syria and killing this pos was one of her top priorities if she became president? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u59WFXm-mZw She is also using cheap sales tactics to suggest she is already president.

  8. This dog was trained in the Netherlands !!!

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