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  1. Hi Josie ☺️ I’d love to see a video about the office wear. I like to wear pencil skirts because they smart and simple to style with a blouse or jumper, but my problem is that I can’t really find them in other colours than black or navy! I found beige in Mango but unfortunately has a bit unflattering shape…

  2. Pendant 💙 thank you so much for these tips! Super helpful and easy to implement

  3. Pendant.💜 I love these videos. I'm 4 foot 9 and 83 pounds. I think skinny pants make me look like a toothpick but everyone says if you're skinny. Than skinny pants are the best pants. What do you think? Is there such a thing as too skinny for skinny pants and jeans? Lol Thanks I hope you see this.

  4. Pendant ❤️ This was so useful! I would love to see another one and I am also looking forward to the What to wear for the office video.

  5. Pendant. The new year begins and Josie is back on track. A plethora of useful tips.

  6. Pendant 😁😁😁 great video with lots of tips!!! Thank you!!! My question was how to wear Superdry style gilet but sort of feminine way…and I actually just thought of another question. Many people asked about work wear. However I work from home and I illustrate children's books. So l sketch a lot, I use paints, brushes and inks and hands are all over the table…and I sit however I am comfortable…so I struggle to know what to wear. Loungewear or sports bottoms are kind of boring. And I have wardrobe full of beautiful clothes from many years of having various jobs …and I love styling them. But since almost 2 years I have started working from home and busy drawing all day long so i go out once a week only so I sort of dress up then. I love working from home but I miss dressing up .. But I don't see myself wearing skirt and shirt at home as it would not be comfortable to draw in that and I will definately get pencil marks on them and paint stains .. So not sure what to do. Plus I cannot really go out every day for sale of wearing an outfit as I really need to be home drawing. And I don't want to get rid of all my clothes just because my life style changed in last 2 years. I have some beautiful pieces I have had over many years. Any advice?

  7. Happy Sunday Josie,
    You work so hard throughout the year helping us stay chic and stylish, I’m glad you took some timeout to recoup. Thank you for putting together such informative and interesting videos. Looking forward to your 2020 style inspiration ! Of course pendants! 🥰 xxx

  8. Thankyou for another fun video I always enjoy them so much it’s something different for me as you know I’m gothic and my whole wardrobe is black but I do enjoy and appreciate your videos you explain things well and keep it interesting I hope you Charlie Dickens and Dexter had a wonderful holiday season and a good 2020 much love holly in Melbourne Australia 💕

  9. Hi Josie! Pendant! Can't wait for the workwear video!

  10. Love the pendant 😉 Also pls look into vegan brands and sustainable ones f.ex. everlane and do some reviews/hauls on them – would love to know which ones are worth buying!

  11. Can you please do a jewellery trends video with some examplary looks.

  12. You are definetly a fashion role model, so classic and elegant. I would to see a part two of this Q&A ❤️❤️ (Pendant 😂😘)

  13. I always watch to the end because you're so informative. So I deserve a (pendant) necklace. Why is it when I watch your videos I want to go and get dressed? LOL even late and night and I'm ready for bed.

  14. Love you and your "pendant"!!!
    Thank you for the great video!!! ❤️

  15. A bit of constructive criticism here. I am absolutely a fan of having a solid personal style, but sometimes I feel that in these Q&As a bit of variety would be great, otherwise we just end up seeing the same things as we see in every other video. Re the question about the midi skirt, we know that you love a good cashmere rollneck and there´s nothing wrong with that, but that only really works for your bodytype – people with big boobs, short neck or wide shoudlers don´t suit a rollneck as well. For people like that, that one piece of advice that´s based on what works for you than a bit more varied answer isn´t really very helpful. As a style influencer, you have a great eye for style so I´m sure you could think of other ways to make a knitted midi-skirt work, that maybe aren´t things that you have already shown us or that work for different bodytypes.

  16. Thankyou for your thoughts for Australia Josie. Great vid and love your pendant❤️

  17. Pendant. Loved the video as always. So helpful and stylish.

  18. Great video "pendent"
    Very helpful tips thankyou Jossie 😁

  19. Fabulous video as usual ❤ You are such an inspiration Josie

  20. Thanks for your sweet advices🥰💕

  21. Awe, you didn't answer Charlie's question, "Dexter wants to know what to wear on his daily commute with this unpredictable weather." Haha
    I would love to know what some high quality vegan materials are and how to style them!

    Lovely video as always! (Pendant)

  22. Happy new year Josue great content and advice ❤️

  23. Oo Josie, I'm addicted to your videos you are an inspiration thank u for the good work, please talk more about your footwear about the comfort after wearing them, the difference in sizes and fit between brands .I BOUGHT The chloe hight heel boot i love it but it was too tight in the left side so i size up is the Reiss one have the same fit as chloe ???

  24. 'Pendant' ☺. Loved the video, can't wait for the work wear one!

  25. Sunday morning peppermint tea and a new video… perfect Sunday morning ! 💙

    Could you do a video on how to translate runway looks for 2020 to wearable outfits ?
    Struggling with the thought of disco collars ! 😂

  26. You are a visual delight and that's why I keep watching the whole video… 🙂

  27. Great video, love the “pendant”

  28. Super Excited that my question was answered!! Thanks Josie 💗

  29. Great advices, thanks Josie !

  30. Happy New Year Josie!! I have been waiting for your vlog! The wait is over!! ❇️🔆💜 Pendant!

  31. Hi darlings, happy Sunday!!
    Firstly apologies for a big delay since my last video, I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated, January blues I guess and nothing seemed important when comparing to what’s happening in Australia and indeed the WORLD. If you’re feeling the same I hope this provides a bit of respite. Enjoy! Xxx

  32. Stayed up way too late (I’m in the US) and am rewarded with a notification for a new video from Josie! Yay!

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