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Sonos Beam Review

Sonos Beam Review

If you’ve been tempted to get into Sonos, but weren’t sure where to start, the Beam is for you. Not only is it a relatively affordable, solid speaker in its own right, it is a capable soundbar and Alexa assistant rolled into one. For serious movie buffs, you might want to consider the Playbase or Playbar depending on your needs. Either way, the Beam shows that Sonos is thinking beyond music, and how it can fit into every aspect of the modern home.

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  1. Not much of a review if you're not going to sample the audio at the absolute minimum??

  2. He must have lost a bet, that nose ring 😂😂
    Turned it off and voted down due to horrendous rebellious teenager nose, it genuinely has made me feel sick

  3. What if I want my songs to say Bad words

  4. I just bought one to supplement the bedroom TV

  5. Thank you. Great content.

  6. Imagine being over 30 and having a nose ring

  7. Doh…..Not just the Beam, the entire fleet of Sonos cannot decode DTS. Be warned folks!!

  8. I was looking to buy then I saw the cables coming out the back of it. I have a white tv stand and this will look awful.

  9. Sonos needs to make over the playbar and keep the same drivers and include Alexa and the beam design that’ll be great

  10. Can it connect to your pc?

  11. …except for the severe whole-house audio ducking that forced me remove Alexa capability from my compatible Sonos products.

  12. another terrible review. no mention of conjunction with existing sonos speakers.
    nothing stated , that i heard , about the optical adapter that is supposed to ship with the unit.

  13. Undisputed king? I’m not sure about that…..

  14. It still seems rather expensive though.

    Feet on the coffee table…white sound bar with a black TV… hmmm

  15. Better buy Play5 beast and just connect your tv by aux

  16. Well it still won't sound as good as a pair of Kef's and a good amp.

  17. I didn't think the playbar sounded great so this won't! In the end I went with the best sounding bar iv listened to, the bose soundtouch 130 👌

  18. Do you need to have the new Sonos One to get additional sound channels, or is it possible to use Play 1’s? 😒😒

  19. I can’t get past the nose ring.

  20. Wow, SONOS ad I heard?

  21. Nice midlife crisis nose ring

  22. quiet a poor review. not really touched how hdmi control works and other features. also background music not good and not really a sound test

  23. Beam me up Scottie…lol

  24. Saying $599 on the website

  25. Lol what a shitty sound bar

  26. Thank you for this honest review. I ordered a used Playbar on Ebay.

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