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Sony Xperia 10 & 10+ Hands-On at MWC 2019: Super tall phones

Sony Xperia 10 & 10+ Hands-On at MWC 2019: Super tall phones

Sony’s new Xperia 10 and 10+ phones come with a surprising 21:9 ratio, making them super long. While it takes some getting used to, the extra screen real estate is surprisingly useful. Not only does it fit certain videos better, but multitasking makes a lot more sense, as the top and bottom of the screen can be slit into two nearly perfect squares. Now, if they only shipped with better processors…

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  1. This device pays homage to the Xperia Ray. Like if you remember that time when Sony released smartphones with different designs/purpose with the same performance. 😁

  2. The screen looks so unresponsive like most other sony phones. just look at how often you try to tab on something….. It doesn't respond 😂

  3. Just switch the camera accessibilities
    Be careful though

  4. I will never buy Sony again only they make stupid design and very poor storage I can't download my favorite games

  5. Plastic back-cover kills it for me, Sony should've at least used metal back-cover, plastic back-cover for a phone that long? It's going to twist and bend in no time

  6. The best part is its screen, its pretty practical. While other phones need to hide notch or punch hole with black bars when watching widescreen movies, this one fully removes the top and bottom black bars on it due to its aspect ratio. in my opinion.

  7. So much space. No 3.5mm jack. Zzz

  8. Xperia 10 just a copy and paste from Xperia XA2 with dual camera only, and bigger screen.

  9. Another Garbage by Sony

  10. Everyone knows you are so you hater

    Thank you

  11. Sony seems to be a bit lost with smartphone business, they should have kept vaio laptops and leave smartphone race to the Chinese, may be the company would be better off today.

  12. I dont care about xperias battery capacity as long as QNOVO technology is there it will be really great for me <3 <3 hands down sony! job well done! more power <3 gonna buy this one soon yehey~!

  13. Nice phone except for the massive forehead,, a slimmer top bezel could've be a real stunner.

  14. Looking like a Nokia 5 years ago

  15. You know man, android should change their display menu from top screen to down screen. So that the fingger easy to touch it. (with one thumb)
    (Like browser bb q10 before, its easy to touch display browser menu bcouse their position up the qwerty)
    I hope sony has think about it. And make easy to browsing
    Next? people will dont care how long is the phone
    Bcouse its easy to use with one thumb finger😀

  16. I don't like so tall phone

  17. sony just reduce the bezels and we'll all buy it!

  18. im done with sony and every phone out there.

  19. Sony wakes up
    AFTER the party has ended

  20. The commentator is really struggling not to hate the product but slips from time to time. Sony is trying to reinvent itself in order to standout. They really do have a cool idea for niche smartphone but sadly, they fail to address other key features such the battery, camera and overall, the software itself which wasnt design for a tall display. Heck, even samsung, which in my opinion is not even that tall, still design its UI appropriate for a tall smartphone.

  21. This phone is hideous

  22. Why is no one taking about the lack of a significant chin?

  23. Galaxy s10 plus is smartphone king right now 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  24. id never pay more than $300-$400 for a phone so this looks interesting to me

  25. I love Sony, but sorry, this is just really stupid

  26. Questions if you get to play with the devices: does Xperia 10 & 10+ have a gyroscope? They have been missing in the last XA2 Ultra and before mid-range devices, hard to snipe on PUBG on without it. Xperia 1, what happens to Xperia Home when you change the force change the dp settings within developer mode for even more real estate density? Does Xperia 1 have Xperia Actions, which was missing in the XZ3. Will there be an Xperia 1 Premium? Does Google "trusted face" unlock work yet? I'm slightly disappointed they haven't yet etched the Sony logo on the top edge of the phone.

  27. Bezels > notches. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a "notch".

  28. Coming from a huge Xperia fan, these are all MEH…

  29. Using dual apps on this phone should me much better at this screen ratio.

  30. Sony is a joke these days! Flagship?…is that a joke?! Might as well scrape their mobile division as they did with their computer and digital player where they overcharge ultra premium price for their product and offer minimal battery life. They could do better but they won't! Its not hard they have the technology but then again…

  31. Batteries of Sony Smartphones were always bad. 2700 battery. WTF

  32. Flagship. looks like 100$ phones from China. 2015 year phones

  33. Actually they are narrower than 18:9 or 16:9 phones in the past and should be much easier to handle for people with small hands like me.

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