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Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Review: Too Quirky for the Mainstream

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Review: Too Quirky for the Mainstream

Sony’s latest flagship represents a series of firsts. It’s the first phone to record 4K HDR video, and is the first Xperia to sport dual cameras. Like its predecessors, the Xperia XZ2 Premium also comes with a 4K HDR display and two front-facing speakers, and records super slow-mo clips. On paper, this is a promising device, but for a very specific audience.

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  1. GO make and prepare my dinner. Don't talk about things that you know nothing about!

  2. the only drawback of the phone is that it is ugly. I am watching this on a xz2 premium

  3. She definitely an iPhone sheep

  4. Agree with this review. Sony may have been the first of many things. But they sure aren't great with what they started nowadays. It has been years since everybody had been using a Sony lense and yet Sony themselves never get great camera performances on their own xperia lines, even DxOMarks scores are average. Good they finally changed their design, one that HTC adopted and failed a year before, not good. At least htc had some common sense to put the fingerprint reader higher up. Just subscribed to Engadget for being truthful about this phone. I wish Sony tried a little harder since I used to be a big fan of Sony products. Hope they bounce back up in the industry. And one more thing, comparing the reviewer's looks with the phone is irrelevant.

  5. Maybe now Sony phone product were what we deserved, but weren't what we needed. Sony had their selling point that actually deserved to be pointed out, yet this get bias with many other smartphone industry that have many choices to get. Hope Sony Will always stay with their vision

  6. Well this is a shit review, phone is more beautiful than the girl

  7. Best screen in a phone at the moment

  8. I wish there was more than just a thumbs down option. This review is so bad. I don't even like Sony phones that much. Google is where it's at. But I can't stand biased reviews like this that try to recommend another phone brand that has payed them to do so like this. Engadget and CNET are on my list of review sites that I will never go to again. They will no longer be getting web views from me.

  9. Just a feedback: You are ugly.

  10. I don't use sony, don't have any soft corner for them either. But the way this editor talked about the product just signifies why one should not try to judge a product with such poor knowledge capability as well as ugly personality like her. If the verge is the perfect example of opinion based tech review Engadget would soon be regarded as ugly opinion based migrated clown's fat talk. You guys should understand contents aren't getting warm reception because they are nicely edited but it has to be fascinating to your audience as well.
    Summary, "ideal example of garbage grade reviewer who somehow finds herself as a product reviewer of a some how established tech site and tried to justify a 21st century mobile communication device's looks from her stone aged fashion sense.

  11. This idiot does not know about or she is paid by the Apple or Samsung to talk bad about the legendary Sony. Apple and Samsung like a process food that look good from outside and test bad from inside but Sony is an organic food that benefits your body plus taste natural and good.

  12. I think this reviewer's priorities are off a bit. She tends to miss the bigger picture and nitpick little stuff. First, this phone is elegant, the front really doesn't look significantly different than the iphones, but the back is sculpted nicely and elegantly, and much better looking and less boring than a flat surface. What is more boring than a flat surface, a flat surface. 2ndly, people complain about the phone being slippery, this is a larger problem with America in general, the obsession of making everything "IDIOT" proof, so we end up with "so so" "mediocre" products. Come on, this is a piece of technology, focus on the technology and innovation. Everything is all about balance, and you have to understand where the compromises should be, and not just complain because of complaining. USE INTELLIGENCE!!. It is strange that the current smartphone has all users divided based on size, but not functionality and need. We are either compact, regular, or Plus size users. This is the root of all problems, where Wall St. profits decide what consumers get or don't get, based on how profitability. Until consumer co-creation really takes root, and companies focus on what really matters, consumer, innovation, passion, we will always have mediocre products. Of course, like all social media these days, everyone's got an opinion, and it's hard to differentiate which is more appropriate and on-target.

  13. Yoo, Engadged. Please get rid of this joke of a reviewer

  14. We just not gonna mention the fact that the audio of this device smokes the competition ?? No mention of it’s hi def audio at all??


  15. I love its design. Its display is durable than the xz3's oled tech, wished they sticked with lcd and improved it like what htc did to their lcd advancements. Wishing an xz2 premium for my birthday! LoL

  16. Sorry, I see nothing special in this review. Just bias and full of hate. Unsubscribe. Goodbye

  17. Yes, let's start with how ugly this thing is…that thing with the puffy face, yes. Jesus…

  18. "how ugly this thing is!"
    Lol look at yourself first.
    Do speak by saying "in your opinion"
    Bias review.

  19. This lady is stupid. I wish she can find another job instead of reviewing gadgets.

  20. very obviously biased, unpro review, black propaganda,,this girl and engadget have a little brain iterms of tech..

  21. Reviewer should find herself a job she actually can do

  22. The phone is awesome many people would spend money for this over a galaxy s9 or even pixel. The logic of this girl can be used in both directions. She used this against sony as a hater 😫😁

  23. Pixel 2 this, Pixel 2 that …. hold out for the Pixel 3. Awful review from a pixel lover.

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