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Sony Xperia XZ3 Hands-On at IFA 2018

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  1. Also released as the x 'ZED' 3 in the UK.

  2. At that price for going backwards in specs… I'll buy a Samsung first.

  3. This moron sounds seriously constipated – needs to be poked right there by a ground-breaking phone like XR.

  4. Amazing! All they need is a better camera setup that takes better portraits bokeh, faster charging, OIS or/and EIS, 6gb ram, and better placement for the figure print scanner…. If it had all that it would have been phone of the year

    Hopefully they put all this in Sony Xperia XZ3 Premium

  5. hi….nice video…i liked it to the most…pls tell me one thing does this phone have multi colour led light notification ????
    i wnt some particular colour of led to glow for gmail…some othr colour fr whats nd some othr colour for missd call notification

    pls reply…

  6. It has been a long time , finally a phone worth buying

  7. If you take your phone out of your pocket and hold it in landscape you're probably going to take a picture? Not if you're under 25! The millennials take 100% of their photos and videos in portrait mode. No exceptions.

  8. But does it have a earphone jack, the zx2 didn't have it either and honestly don't really feel like buying all new wireless headsets and earphones.

  9. Really no massive innovation? Oh maybe ur a Samsung fanboy! Lol!

  10. @1:33 Does anybody have an idea to what emulators to run PS2 games on Android?

    Shadow of the Colossus in this snippet got me nostalgic!

  11. Innovation : What about stereo speakers in a phone, Super slow motion.. etc etc

  12. Ohh…. pliiiiiz what is this no massive innovation !??? Like some political propaganda.. :))
    Personally i us a P20 Pro had before an XZ Premium and an Iphone 7 Plus – both were amazing. Love the P20 Pro but its a bit confusing hated my S8… Harsh colors (oversaturated)laggy interface..) and love the Google Pixel as well… So where are those phones which are more innovative than these brands…!? Nobody should fool me again with a marketing window-shop product like rhe Samsung….!!!! 🙂

  13. 👎it looks good but,same design again

  14. Feels a little bias is going against Sony right now. I don't recall people complaining about the price of the iPhone X or the Galaxy S9 or a bunch of others features that were "stolen" from other phones.

  15. This phone makes me want to change my phone coming from a pixel 2xl user. I would choose this over the s9+ any day

  16. Bucks? You're English, stick to your roots.

  17. This is $900 not even flagship in terms of specs.

  18. unmatched screen u said, sony screen sucks

  19. Sony needs to realize that 6gb min ram is the meta, and that 8gb should be required for a flagship at least in the premium model. I hope it can take advantage of ai machine learning features this time around. Given that everyone pretty much uses Sony's cam sensors, i hope they can finally take advantage of the flagship sensor and the lackluster as always camera tweaking and color science. If a premium model comes out with the dual sensor & 8gb ram, i'll probably end up getting it, tho this doesnt give me any real cravings.

    The best thing about sony phones is the styling and colors, something ive been missing about almost all phones these days.

  20. Looks nice, but nothing mind-blowing particularly the internals so I might wait for xz3 premium.

  21. Love you Sny, coming from a long time user 💖💖💖 What a lovely design, and that screen is incredible. I can imagine it'd be amazing to play PS4 games on this. Though I'm very happy with my XZ 😊✨

  22. 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM is not competitive when samsung got 8GB RAM and 512GB ROM these days

  23. now they just need to flattened the back then it would be perfect.

  24. Sony finally did it with this phone.

  25. Lot of Sony owners prefer z-xz1 design and been disappointed with xz2 because Sony became like any other phone. And z-xz1 series looked strict, elegant, unique we've been in love for this style. Xz3 looks better than xz2 but, I think Sony should release "omnibalanced" phones for some of their old fans, maybe not as a flagship. And I'm sure if Sony would back to life ARC designed compact smartphone, Sony could conquer millions of hearts and gain new fans of Sony smartphones

  26. Dear SONY. Please continue, for making these great products like for instance, smartphones. I'm using these suckers (with your Brand on them) for dacades. And to me, they always deliver. Keep up the good work 👍. Dear Engadet. Please stop reviewing Sony smartphones. It's depressing. Cause Sony is boring, not interesting, not innovative, (pfff, who needs a "4k screen" on a phone like the XZ2 PREMIUM right?💩) waaay to expensive, in other words (let's be honest) they suck. According to you guys. Sooh, why the effort for giving a review about these phones anyway? Again it's depressing to watch. No disrespect tho. Keep up the good work 👍. But next time you wanna waste your time for making a fony sony phone review, just show the phone from all angles, don't speak and after a minute or so, push the stop recording button and call at day.

  27. You have a very strong accent. Its very disgusting.

  28. 1:34 anyone know what games the host played with the ps4 controller? is it android games or remote ps4 play?

  29. Massive fan of sony. Can't wait for the "xz3 premium" hahahaha

  30. I wonder how’s the battery life on this phone on a real day usage.

  31. next i want from sony is keep the bezel and give us face id sensors, a more refined software, and one of the best cameras that can match pixel or samsung flagships.

  32. It's gonna be so cool if this phone come up with 6.9 inch display and very small bezels with pop-up front camera

  33. just wait for a couple months. there will be xz3 premium dual camera 6gb ram

  34. Engadget why don't you just go back to kissing Apple's ass?

  35. 2:31 Seems a Sony fan reacted to that "STOLEN FROM HTC" line

  36. NOt innovation… the WHole screen is innovation. And again what about this price. Its still cheaper than the other more so called premium brands. SO common….. what about this shit about the pricing. YOu get a premium phone for less of the price of Samsung Premium phone, or LG Premium phone or iPHONE …. so give it a rest. For once Sony comes with a great phone, the matured this time…. Even I can accept this phone even though I aint a fan of the design.

  37. Yes Side-sense might be an idea form HTC. lol. BUt its not hitting the side, its hitting the edge of the glass…. more or less… so its actually better than this squeeze thing HTC had lol. And closer to what Samsung has…. maybe.

  38. XZ3 is just a extension of the XZ2 line as they said in the presentation!

  39. SONY : XPERIA XZ3: RAM10GB: ROM 256 GB : BATERY 6.000MAh : Whireless. CHARGING !!!…………………
    GOSTEI. MUITO. BOM !!!…………Lançamentos : I.F.A. 2018 ………………OK…………………………………………………………

  40. That display is a major technological step above samsung and LG in OLED display quality on smartphones.
    It may have supplanted samsung as the leader in OLED smartphone tech.
    The emojis look the most realistic of all so far, and slow mo is still the best so far.
    please bring back the headphone jack and make it 4k.
    looks good though.

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