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Sony's E3 2019 happened without you noticing

Sony's E3 2019 happened without you noticing

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  1. I want them to spend more time on the PS5 to get it to top notch with no rushing…

  2. Can’t agree more, this girl presents info in the best way possible.

  3. I came from pewdiepie video to check if this is true

  4. No Playstation conference.
    R.I.P e3

  5. I’m absolutely loving Jessica Conditt, you should have your own special. Great Job Engadget on making her the face of E3 reports

  6. Because they didn't really have anything to offer. Maybe they can figure out how to make an android version for the Sony phone app that let's you play on your phone from your console. Rip

  7. We Xbox fans took it this year we have two exclusive games and we had Keanu Reeves on Xbox E3 for Cyberpunk 2077 we took E3 this year I know PlayStation got something up there sleeve hopefully they have good games for there console considering the ps5 will be waiting

  8. I don’t get the title

  9. E3 2019 BASURA 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮 🚮


  11. Great video buhh GHOST OF TSUSHIMA needs to be given a Godd Dame release date 😭😭😭 that’s all I wanted from a Sony E3

  12. 3:57 🤮🤮🤮 just seeing them words makes me sick

  13. waman,,waman,,where the fuc..theyx find this specimen?is a waman,,is a abird,,,is a plane,,is mighty mouse,,yeah,,from patetic state of america,m,,your patetic,,go make something else,,when i saw this video i was shocked,,waman

  14. When that floor noise Mumford & Sons – Woman kicks in

  15. Sony play station is dead. Never was it good. The games made play station what it was. But now they can't compete. They knew it so didn't show up like a basketballer at a slam dunk tournament. They had no game. So X box finally has won the console wars. Long may they reign. Project Scarlet is going to remove load times and Sony will have to pay for the processing chips as Microsoft partnered the engineering and own the I.p.
    For the first time a clear difference between them play station spent all your money poorly and fell behind only to invest in hideo kajima of metal gear fame and his reputation to make a exclusive flop. Hideo was after all the time he took fired from metal gear solid for taking to dang long. So put your political spin about why Sony wasn't there but the truth is obvious. Sony couldn't compete in the 19.

  16. Her voice is great! Keep her Engadget!!!

  17. Good video, misleading title.

  18. sony is shit, i hope Microsoft had goog gaming companies under them.

  19. Someones sponsored by Sony 🙄 Not impressed with this channel OR with Sony. Yes it matters that Sony skipped out on E3, because Sony skipped out on the gaming community. As far as im concerned Sony should just drop gaming and keep making shitty appliances 🤷‍♀️

  20. Sony doesn’t need e3. E3 needs Sony e3 was shit this year.

  21. Great presenter here – you either have it or you dont. Looking forward to more content from her.

  22. Wait, I was under the understanding that the FF7 remake is on Xbox as well…

  23. what the fuck is wrong with your ears

  24. But Sony missing E3 still hurts it. Nothing you say will change that.

  25. As a pc player thought this was a bit one sided. The main argument that Sony will sell more is that they did before. They probably will but it’s better to compare the two systems I think

  26. DEMON SOULS REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!

  27. This next generation may be the one where I switch from Microsoft to Sony……

  28. Whats shes not saying is that all multiplats play better on X. Is this a sony advert or an independent tech channel?

  29. She clearly a Sony Fan boy ! STFU Microsoft wins next gen

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