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Sophie Turner Just Got Bangs and Is Almost Unrecognizable — See Her New Look

On Thursday morning, hairstylist Christian Wood posted a stunning photo of his client Sophie Turner (perhaps you’ve heard of her and the recently-ended show she was on) with a gravity-defying swoop of side-parted hair, her forehead fully visible. But then, just a few hours later, Wood surprised followers with another photo of Turner in which it appears he cut bangs. But is a post-GoT makeover, or just a temporary transformation?

Turner taped an appearance on The Graham Norton Show in London wearing what appeared to be a new shag haircut, complete with eyelash-skimming fringe. She sat alongside Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Jessica Chastain — whose new bangs already appear to have disappeared, or at least pushed to the side — promoting her new X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix. But if the comments on Wood’s photo are any indication, the only thing people were paying attention to was Turner’s new hairstyle.

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Getty Images

“Bang bang into the room!” one commenter exclaimed. Making another song reference, someone else wrote, “In the words of @ricky_martin ‘She bangs! She bangs!'” And one Turner superfan with a very specific longing shared, “I’ve always dreamt of bangs on her! You made my dream come true.”

But a few commenters were understandably suspicious. “It is a clip on, right?” one fan wrote, while another asked, “The fringe is real or fake?”

Well, we got our answer this morning: Turner’s fringe was faux and fleeting. She was spotted doing more appearances for Dark Phoenix in London once again sporting a side-parted style, no bangs — not even swept to the side, like Chastain’s — to be seen. But at least now we know she’d look incredible if did decide to make the cut.

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Turner isn’t the only Game of Thrones cast member who has switched things up with their hair since the show ended. Kit Harington cut off his famous Jon Snow hair shortly after wrapping the final season, and just hours before the finale aired, Maisie Williams revealed that she’d switched from her recent pink and purple looks to a more natural blonde shade.

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