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Specdrums Hands-On at CES 2019: All you need is your fingertips

Specdrums Hands-On at CES 2019: All you need is your fingertips

Back in June 2018, Sphero acquired Specdrums, a startup that found Kickstarter success with music-making rings. As part of that deal, we knew Sphero would be working on its own version of the product, and today the company’s making it official. The new but familiarly named Specdrums are app-supported rings that let you, or your kids, play music by tapping the wearable instruments on different colors and surfaces. There are hundreds of customizable sounds and loops, all of which are created by tapping the Specdrums rings on the included playpad and other colored items around you.

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  1. What is the name of BGM song??

  2. That "DJ's" beat game is weak, fam. Would've been way more impressive had the beat been better. Just sounds like an early 2010s mobile game soundtrack

  3. not making music, it's making sounds.

  4. "You can put out music like what you hear on the radio." so what your saying is trash

  5. PUT a couple of these SENSORS on a SPHERO BALL, connected to a bluetooth SPEAKER, and let it ROLL on a predetermined COLORED SURFACE to play tunes and drum beat away…hehe.

  6. I would love to own these mainly for experimenting them then handing them to my children.

  7. yeah sure … Mozart would love it

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