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Special Bacteria Helps Heal Sick Bats | National Geographic

Special Bacteria Helps Heal Sick Bats | National Geographic

Last week, bats treated with a bacteria that cured their deadly white-nose syndrome were released back into the wild in Hannibal, Missouri. More research is under way on this new treatment, which researchers hope could make a difference in the battle against white-nose syndrome, which now is found in 26 U.S. states, 5 Canadian provinces, and parts of Europe.
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After he successfully used the bacteria Rhodococcus to delay fruit ripening, Chris Cornelison, a microbiologist and postdoctoral research associate at Georgia State University, contacted the U.S. Forest Service about using the same bacteria to treat white-nose syndrome in bats. The early results in bats are promising.

Click here to read more about scientists are using this bacteria to save the bats: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/05/150527-bats-white-nose-syndrome-treatment-conservation-animals-science/

EDITOR: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo
PHOTOS COURTESY OF Chris Cornison and Georgia State University

Special Bacteria Helps Heal Sick Bats | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. I hope that whose who are more educated and informed than some of the other commenters will understand how a decline in bats will cause an increase in chemical use on crops. That if people fear or loath them, it doesn't change how absolutely important they are. Getting people onboard with bat conservation is unfortunately, going to be a huge challenge. Birds by day, bats by night, without them, farmers will simply up the chemical game… that alone should inspire those who simply don't understand the bigger picture. One individual brings up the all to often RABIES association.. if that's the concern, then there are many more rabies vectors including cats, dogs, raccoons, fox and so on… Bats are Beneficial, I wish more understood that. Thanks for the video.

  2. This is great news! I hope it turns into a working solution.

  3. god bless georgia state university for produceing bright minds to save these cute creatures

  4. No one gives a fuck about bats! Cure cancer or something!

  5. 0:17 Watch him fly away!… Nvm. he fell to the ground. That was hilarious.

  6. good job, love u and the bats

  7. Right on, just love watching the bat's fly around the pole light catching bug's.

  8. yeah this is great news!! wow!

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