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SPOILER ALERT: Elizabeth Warren's Game Of Thrones Article

SPOILER ALERT: Elizabeth Warren's Game Of Thrones Article

SPOILER ALERT: Elizabeth Warren probably regrets writing this article about Game of Thrones. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://observer.com/2019/05/elizabeth-warren-probably-regrets-endorsing-daenerys-targaryen-now/

“The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones aired last night—maybe you heard? The crazy hour and a half of television was a deeply entertaining grab bag of high-fantasy tropes and cinematically rendered brutality, even for plot and plausibility sticklers like myself.

While Daenerys Targaryen’s last remaining dragon wreaked fiery havoc on King’s Landing, killing thousands of its citizens, my boyfriend and two other friends were forced to listen as I punctured the atmosphere with comments such as “Wait, didn’t all the Dothraki die in the Battle of Winterfell?” and “Oh, sure, Euron Tight Pants could take out a dragon with his giant bow and arrow in the last episode, but now those same machines are totally useless? That makes sense.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. White walkers are Mexicans and Obama is the Night King.

  2. The problem with the pacing this season is the showrunners are a victim of their own ambition and success. With them doing scenes and shoots that even movies haven't done before often mixed with scenes with little narrative filling the shows, they did not realize that having less episodes but making them longer would not compensate for all that they needed to do. Add to that that before they realized it they signed an agreement that made the production have a rigid and set deadline, and they were screwed. Furthermore because so many scenes had to be shot with a specific pacing they had far less room to rewrite and reshoot scenes than they usually do.

    Personally I am with GRRM that there should have been another season if the pacing was going to be like this, and they should consider doing another season or two to cover the issues in this season while doing a really deep well paced view of the world and the characters lives afterwards.

  3. I don't have a problem with Dany going full mad queen. I just thought it was poorly handled.

  4. Why is TYT spending time attacking all Democratic candidates except Bernie? That makes you the same as Fox.

  5. Don’t worry, Ms. Warren. We all were shocked.

  6. A crazy broad from here in the Bay Area turned down a date with a hot guy because he laughed when Dany went crazy. LOL

  7. there's a funny article about what parents are doing who named their kid after dany

  8. Here's the thing … the only thing this says about Elizabeth Warren is that she got sucked into the POV trap that has dominated Dany's story since season 1. Dark Dany has been in the making at least since season 2 when she threatened to burn cities to the ground the firs time (newsflash: it wasn't the last). Her Mereen story arc in the books was all about her inability to make peace and desire to wage war instead. She's a conqueror and conquerors don't plant trees. If you don't like the turn the show did or think it came out of the blue or that it will be different in the books, I might suggest that you fell for Dany's hype and refused to judge her actions objectively.

  9. Daenerys wants regime change in Westeros because she feels entitled to the throne herself. Last episode proved that she's not a liberator, she's an imperialist.

  10. I've seen Ana go off on Alex Jones. She's Dany alright. 😉

  11. The writers have ruined this show since season 6. It makes no sense that Dany would become crazy now in such a short span considering all the trauma she's gone through makes no sense. They are purposely making her crazy to hand it off to Jon

  12. This is not even newsworthy. Elizabeth Warren POV on GoT is irrelevant to the voters.

  13. If Jon piped her the whole "burn down the city" thing wouldn't have happened.

  14. Elizabeth Warren understands Dany's character better than the show writers …SMH

  15. So let me get this straight: If Elizabeth Warren is elected president. we'll have dragons for real? I'm all for that!

  16. This is who I’m voting for! She will tear Wall Street thugs a new asshole without blinking and that’s why white men hate her, period!

  17. Not gone lie, I feel some type of way about Game of thrones for for that shit!

  18. Yes we can have a heroine who doesn't fall into all of those tropes. Her name is Egwene al'Vere, and she is no Mary Sue. She earns all of her power and prestige through hard work, perseverance, and an incredibly deft hand at the great game.

    There is also Nyneve al'Mera who is totally badass, Cadsuane Melaidhrin Aes Sedai who is an even better no nonsense grandmother than Olyena Tyrell, and Far Dareis Mai, the maidens of the spear, who put the unsullied to shame on their own let alone the Aiel as a whole.

    The wheel of time turns…and Amazon better not F it up!

  19. Blame the writers blame D&D.

  20. No, trump supporters are the wights. Brainless, shambling puppets.

  21. Wait shouldn't Trump be the White Walker, and the Trump supporters are the Wights?

  22. Deny flipping is actually cool.
    However if episode 3 didn't turn you off you deserve to be disappointed by Deny's character arc.

  23. The screen writers for GOT are OBVIOUSLY in the tank for dRumpf and found out that Warren wrote this piece and changed Daenyrs story so as to embarass her!!

  24. There is no substance here. This sucks.

  25. Ana can't keep her hands off me.

  26. Even without the last episode, Liz Warrens essay is highly revealing.
    Daenerys has always been the embodyment of liberal fascism. An ends justify the means attitude, seemingly moral justification for extreme violence, power concentrated in the hands of a "benevoloent" ruler and some identity politics that actually isn't that progressive when you look it twice (yes shes a women, but shes also the white savior for the savage brown people)

    it's theft of the american people and it finances unlawful, immoral wars that kill thousands of innocents, men, women and children
    as far as I am concerned you can "lock her up" for that, alongside with all the others

  27. All those people who named their children Daenerys… poor kids. i can just see the reaction on their teachers faces when they have a temper tantrum.

  28. The only warren storry that matters.. " Warren endorses Bernie Sanders "

  29. Just gotta say about the description, the only reason that they got rhaegal was hit was because they got him by surprise. Daenerys and Drogon saw them coming after and were able to dodge. Like do you guys actually watch or drifting off like Dany? Lol

  30. Cultural marxism/ communism are the white walkers which tyt is apart of – especially since they lost. Daenerys is Hillary. Jon snow is trump.

  31. Post your best Bernie Sanders smear in 12 words or less
    Tempo Tempo 123.
    That lying cheating hating cancer ridden old white racist billionaire socialist pig. Your turn.

  32. In her article did she write about a lost Native American tribe of pasty faced blue eyed blonde people called The Mayonnaise Feathers?

  33. Anna that's like asking TV writers to write about something other than writer characters just starting out in the writing business.

  34. And Dave Rubin is Littlefinger…

  35. If Daenyrs and Jon stayed together they would be no better than Jamie and Cersei. Daenyrs had a messiah complex and now she feels betrayed by all the people she loved and has spiraled into her crusader rage. Sometimes people become what they hated.

  36. Daenarys' 180 turn is caused by poor writing not by a consistent plot. You can't take the plot serious any more in season 8 – way too many logic errors and character archs that have been destroyed to cause shock effects. It is a shame.

  37. The bag ripped when I was bringing down the laundry I dont know what that means

  38. Feminists are always evil and Danny was a feminist

    Yall liked Daenarys and I told you she is a piece of garbage. Yall called her a "populist" and I told yall psychopath

  39. Game of thrones has been total shit for years… go read the books.

  40. I’ve been skeptical of her since Meereen. Of course I liked her, but I’ve recognized her violent side for a long time. All that separated her from a dictator was her advisors, and most of them are dead now, so of course she was going to lose it.

  41. come on ya'll. game of thrones is not realistic. yall sound like star wars fans, lol.

  42. Has any 1 eber thought that jon could go mad

  43. Who do you trust, the devil you know or the devil you don't know?

  44. Cersei = HERO! She was right. She united Westeros against that mauruding pyromaniac.

  45. Somebody is out of touch, and it's probably me. Sorry, but why are you talking about a cartoon TV show? It would seem that it's more important than bombs dropping on people, kids dying from water, people dying because an orange ogre is taking their money. I'll tell you, folks, I may be out of touch but TYT is running a close second.

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