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SPOTLIGHT – Most heads shaved simultaneously

SPOTLIGHT - Most heads shaved simultaneously

This week’s Spotlight sees the Cancer Council ACT in Australia shaving the most heads at once to raise awareness in the fight against cancer.

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  2. I can make my tounhe fat can you guys can do it cuz i can

  3. Why would a selfie change to baldie?? Selfie has no words in it that has to do with anything to do with hair haha

  4. This is why there are not many views or comments. Because this is dumb

  5. Literally anything can be a record

  6. Bro it was a New Zealand record not Australian

  7. Write on YouTube Adam Belkharoev push ups on his fingers and tell me your opinion is good American s

  8. The new record was actually set in Peterborough Ontario Canada on May 16 2015 . I should know I was one of the 267 participants

  9. Waste of hair…children in Africa could of ate it. ):

  10. I just broke the world record for saying my name followed by my pin number the most times in a row whilst patting my stomach and watching Powerpuff Girls.

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