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SPOTLIGHT – Most hula hoops spun simultaneously

SPOTLIGHT - Most hula hoops spun simultaneously

On this week’s Guinness World Records Spotlight, charismatic stage performer Marawa the Amazing spins the most hula hoops simultaneously – 160 all by herself!

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  1. Y'all are saying that she's not that amazing BUT I think you're forgetting that she can do this in high heeled roller skates.

  2. 0:32 everybody put your hand up 😂

  3. The world record has changed

  4. At first glance the thumbnail looks like she has SUPER powers

  5. Bruh that lame everybody can do that

  6. i did 52spins in 10sec, can i set a record?

  7. i am gonna try that XD

  8. I mite soon be trying to be in the book for most hula hooping tricks

  9. She did better in Arab's Got Talent

  10. Sorry.  But that's not even close to having control of the hula hoops.  People are just looking for lame ways to find fame.

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