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SPRING SUMMER 2020 TRENDS // + How To Wear Them Now // Fashion Mumblr

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Gucci belt – http://bit.ly/2r6JBRy
Gold chain necklace – https://apprl.com/al/5BX3/
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2UUh0vD
Bracelets – https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dz2jsv2bzw

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  1. Hi Josie! You're looking so pretty as always. I'm looking into nice & comfortable trousers & nice mom Jean's. I'm starting to move away from certain styles & garments that don't flatter me & don't look elegant/stylish. I just got married & suddenly feel like I don't want to look silly anymore. I want to look like a married woman; at home & out. Your channel has definitely inspired me 😊

  2. Thanks Josie. I do think that the waist coat trend is a really good one. Especially for those of us who feel too cold in just a blouse. I look at it as being similar to how you would wear a gillet. My prediction is that you will find one that suits your style 🙂


  4. Just bought my first investment piece! I saved up my birthday money and pocket money for a jack wills stretch coat-it was on sale as well so I got it for £105 instead of £150! A few years ago I bought a trench coat from primark for 20 quid just to dip my toes in and I loved it so I figured I’d invest in a more expensive one. My life time fashion goal is still to buy a Burberry trench coat tho 🙂 a girl can dream…

  5. Puffed sleeves, neons, and florals? brings out 80s collection

  6. Excellent video. Absolutely love your white dress…so romantic looking.

  7. I always look forward to your trend reports!🤍

  8. Thank you Josie,For me,Yes-whites,hoop earrings,trenches,square necklines,puff sleeves,chain jewelry.No-neons,minis,cowboy boots,hippie vibe,vest(waistcoat?)😁Could you review what tailored styles are on trend?🌷🌸

  9. In Canadump we are tring hard just to keep warm. Treating my dry, flaky skin, cold sores and bleeding cuticles.

  10. Josie 🦋 darling, how lovely you look… I like to play w/Accessories, Footwear, Scarves… Introducing current pattern/color that keeps my personal style Relevant… 💞

  11. Why do I feel that 2020 is just going to pass me by😢?

  12. Great video, I’m excited about the up coming trens, I’ll be avoiding the large florals and bold prints. But I think I’ll try buying into the puff sleeve. #ewwwneon lol

  13. Hoops never went out for me! I love them.

  14. I’m definitely not a fan of neon anything! Can’t wait for the weather to change so we can wear skirts and shorts bare legged but with light knitwear 😊

  15. My daughter is called Gabriella hirst! I didn’t realise she as a fashion designer!

  16. UGH! puffy sleeves, so impractical. Exceeds your allowable personal space. This will be a short trend. Agree, keep neon for children so you can spot them in the crowd.

  17. Please not so much chat – too long before showing us the products. You're beautiful, no hating – just impatient!

  18. I love your style 💗💗💗

  19. Fashion se mubrls tous d'y élégant très chic😈😇

  20. I think I will stick to the classics

  21. Josie, I started watching your channel last year when you did the 2019 trends💖. I revamped my entire closet from black and gray frump to light colored classic with natural fibers as well as Brand's that are working on sustainable lines❣️
    I also revamped my entire cosmetic line.
    I feel like a different person for the better.
    Thank you!
    I love the new trench coat look. So sheik. I'm excited about the cowboy boots trend. I have everything from Topshop to Luchese that I can now pull to the front of my closet. Those Missoma pieces are beautiful. I think I may add that to my wardrobe this year.
    You are such a bright light. Again, thanks for all of your help 💕❣️

  22. Brilliant timing Josie! Not too early 😉 Loving Net Sustain – I want to pick up some lingerie from Le Buns and some tops from Ninety Percent I think it's called. Looking for sustainability in most things I buy now especially everyday clothing (for me – mummy on the go in countryside in Devon) like tees, jerseys and sweat pants – glamour pants!!! 😂 Xxx

  23. Thanks Josie! I have a style very similar to yours and puff sleeves are definitely present in my closet. Keep up the great job 👛♥️👛

  24. I love the carbon neutral movement. I was thinking using reusable plastic or ethical production in labour is good but not enough. It must be expensive to do so but it's a really good move.

  25. Gods goodness lovely uk weather

  26. Love…love…love white dresses! Also, bell bottom jeans…. Thanks, Josie!

  27. Thank you Josie💖
    You’re beautiful!
    Loved your dress💖
    I loved the big florals, white dress, puffed sleeved trends!

  28. Sadly, I will not be buying into any of these trends. They do not fit into my personal style and I am ok with that as I am looking forward to purging what I already have.

  29. Definitely hoop earrings which I have religiously been collecting for years now!

  30. My favourite is definitely puff sleeves and updated trench coats!
    Trying to save for the perfect Burberry trench maybe for the end of the year 🥳 🙂
    Thank you for the lovely video josie!

  31. How many private jets did they all take to these runway shows!

  32. Definitely looking forward to the Woodstock trend, it's just my style and the colours are lovely. Great video as always Josie though I've been missing your Thursday uploads, are you only uploading twice a week now? ❤

  33. I've seen some people really pull off neon. I like the outfits that use neon accessories. Like a neon handbag and shoe. Or even just a neon sock with a belt. I won't be trying this trend though. I gravitate to jewel tones more.

  34. Hello Josie, hope you are doing well, I J inspired by your fashion videos all the time 😊

  35. Good morning Josie, another Sunday sipping on my coffe and watching my favorite videos.

  36. Just ordered a puff sleeve top 💋

  37. I love darts and proper tailoring to flatter a woman's shape. I also adore fabrics that look neat and stay that way never showing how well worn they are. Another beautiful video, thank you josie ❤

  38. Very informative . You should be a fashion analyst . 👏👏👏💗💞💕💓as a you tuber I think that you need a little more of a change so that your videos become more entertaining . Don't take me wrong I like you and your channel very much but it's just my opinion .

  39. It makes such a difference when you’re looking into the camera vs just above it. Into the camera makes me feel connection and as if you’re talking to me, just above makes me feel like you’re talking to yourself.

  40. I like neon for the holidays because it only looks good on me when I am tanned. You cannot beat a nice neon coral top:) And the waistcoat trend takes me back to early 2000 when it was everywhere and I even had one that I wore over sweaters (shudders).

  41. Hello! i think that you have a lot of style:) it would be great if you did a video of your high street clothing and accessories picks for the new season and in realtion with these trends!

  42. Great news that designers are working on being more sustainable😁 I’m going to be wearing & restyling my puff sleeve tops & dresses, floaty white dresses! Another excellent video 👍🏼 Thank you Josie😊💐👗👚

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