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Sri Lanka unrest: Police vow 'maximum force' against violence | Al Jazeera English

Sri Lanka is extending a night curfew in two provinces after a series of attacks against Muslims.
Police are warning they will respond with maximum force to any further violence.
At least one person was killed in rioting in recent days.
Bernard Smith reports from Minuwangoda, north of the capital.

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  1. please peace for my beautiful island no to isis no to ltte no to bbs no to america just leave us to live in peace

  2. Most of muslim mosques supported to muslim terrorism because they blinded by foreign extremist. That concept establishing in muslim civilians mind by muslim mosques .Most of muslim aware of that terrorist group .But they did not protected other religions from those terrorist .Because they have a brainwashed as selfish mindset and behavior about other religions.Every religion should protect each other if they live in one country .One religion cannot be selfish .

  3. where are the dogs of saudi arabia…who are promoting islamic violence around the world…

  4. Peace be upon you fellow humans. It's called False flag attacks. Problem, reaction, solution. It's happening all around the World. We are all consanguineous. Use your intellect to arrive at the truth. The savages who are responsible for these crimes against humanity will get there deserts in the next World!!!
    Peace n love

  5. Muslim first engage in this situation first, So I think they must be ready to digest the reward.

  6. why are extremists idiots??, if you hate terrorism dont go committing terrorism as that will creat more recruits for your enemy, idiots. i guess only the extremists terrorists win

  7. Catholic priest,
    Be ware of terrorist. Don't be so holy

  8. Happening what ISIS wanted.

  9. Converts to Buddism or go to Saudi Arabia. Bad time come soon if no tourists more.

  10. Oh i see. Even Catholics are a minority in Sri Lanka who wanted to pray in churches peacefully. Buddhist helped them . they live together. Sri Lanka need US weapon to build the peace, that's the point right?

  11. It's a failed govt which is failing it's people time & again!!!

  12. There's no God but Allah

  13. Muliticulturalism not working?

  14. The idiots don't have brain😑

  15. They let these extremists thrive among them, they did nothing to stop the violence. They are just as guilty as the people who did the attacks, they must pay for their negligence.

  16. "Not since the days of slavery have there been so many people who feel entitled to what other people have produced as there are in the modern welfare state, whether in Western Europe or on this side of the Atlantic."

  17. The Sinhalese are doin exactly what they did to the tamil population during the times of LTTE, they want to genocide an entire religion population! This is history repeating itself, clearly these mob bastards are doing with army support

  18. Intelligence agencies of other countries will hire people to incite people against each other.
    Srilankans must be extra careful not to fall for rumours and never ever attack any innocent person or his property no matter what news or message you get on social media.
    Sri Lanka has come out of a painful civil war with LTTE . I pray that there are no more civil wars and country become peaceful and prosperous where all communities live together and contribute to the development of the country.

  19. As a muslim am ashamed of killings in sri lanka in the name of islam by extremists who are of one particular sect of islam..which carries isis ideology…may they die terrible death…they are in minority percentage in islam..with presence in various counties..every muslim should raise against these people..if not tag of terrorism will be upon us for centuries to come…

  20. This is political game not religion don't spreading false news . Stupid political leaders doing this incident to srilanka people not majority sinhalaesh

  21. Love you aljareeza
    Real news

  22. Saudi Arabia is funding islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka. Why don't you talk about them. They are spreading jihadism and wahabism. Everyone know it. But you are silent.

  23. All these incidents happened with the influence of the police and the army forces while duty .they just kept quiet or moved letting them to continue it .this is the same thing happened in Kandy last year , the STF who were incharge of the certain areas encourage d the radicalise Sinhalese Buddhist to distroy places , same as usual these incidents too.there are proof of videos related to violence how they help the mobs to attack . hope government will take actions against these security forces.

  24. Go talk to the people who gave lost their loved ones and struggle in pain in hospitals

  25. innocent people shouldn't be targetted. peace is a fundamental of buddhism and buddha taught us peace and forgiving those who did something wrong. Lets end this hate and violence.

  26. plz save all Muslim people πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€β€β€β€

  27. What goes around comes around .

  28. This government is very useless for things to happen within short period, we are all talking about Muslim attached church less than a month other religious are attaching mosque .

    The government is behind them

  29. On 18th may it's Budhha purnima

  30. They are singolice citizen of srilankan Muslim. How come kill your own people?

  31. Buddhist start conflicts between muslim and christian… they ignite hatred.. those suicide attacks are not muslim… terrorist has no religion

  32. Thank you Sri Lanka government. we are proud of you that you and we hated 🐍 snake religion or 🐍 snake people's . from – always yours India China Russia and Mayammar

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