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Stars lose six wickets in 19 balls in stunning late collapse

The Melbourne Stars were cruising towards victory against the Thunder before losing six wickets in a little more than three overs to almost lose the game


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  1. Good cricket by both teams

  2. Stars had every intention of repeating the brain fade of 2019 final but somehow failed to do so and won.

  3. They are just rehearsing for the final. They didn't quite collapse completely so they will need to work on that in order to top last years performance.

  4. The best commentator – Turning Turning Turning Turning ……..- that was amazing

  5. Hmmmmmm I think I’ve seen this befor

  6. Hats off Ferguson and co. for their brilliant effort

  7. And I decided to leave the ground early with 5 overs to go thinking it would be a cake walk for the Stars

  8. In this way they collapsed in the previous season final

  9. This is probably not match fixing. Most big bash matches aren’t close like this, just because it’s close this time doesn’t mean it was fixed.


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  12. Aussies are bad at making fixing to look real. They need to do home work before doing such stunts.

  13. Why bbl teams wearing black jersey??

  14. If stars had nt win the match ….they vl be the lossers n 2020

  15. Field Placements by Callum Ferguson🔥🔥🔥

  16. Ye Cricket hai. Yaha sab kuchh possible hai.

  17. This is what made me yell like it was a game of footy

  18. good performance by bowlers and fielders

  19. If only this happened in over three four and five

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