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State Department Official Resigns After Investigation Reveals False Claims | NBC News Now

Senior Trump Administration official, Mina Chang, resigned from her job after an NBC News investigation revealed she made false claims about her qualifications. NBC News’ Dan De Luce has the backstory on how she got that job in the first place.
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State Department Official Resigns After Investigation Reveals False Claims | NBC News Now


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  1. Just say it, she just straight out lied !!!

  2. She might have been The Little Man's Spy and Mistress 😉

  3. Too bad you don't investigate the Democrats as thoroughly.

  4. how many people in the trump administration got their jobs through dishonest means?

  5. She is a Chinese spy she probably already boarded a plane to China.

  6. Take a moment to look at her . . .
    That's how she got her job.
    Trump: "I only have the best people".

  7. Everyone having any dealings with little boy trump is corrupt. Only facts

  8. This guy's voice was putting me to sleep….bye

  9. trump did the same thing as she did – lied his way into the Oval Office!

  10. Drama in United states an United kingdom democracy make someone like me very happy because it's shows how their democracy so stupid and hope African leaders take notes of this people's they're worship like they're God.

  11. As long as she's gd looking, lies well and lays well you can bribe ur way ahead of others who are more deserving in this country, but especially so in this administration. Just dont come crying Me Too.

  12. I guess the real question is, was she doing a good job? If making a false claim is the standard, someone should tell Elizabeth Warren!

  13. Trump says that the media is the enemy of the people, that's because they keep uncovering his and his administrations lies

  14. Oh please as if anybody in that circus known as his administration is qualified

  15. Big butt, and a smile wil get many men at one time!

  16. How did she get in??? Look at her…just like super ditz Hope Hicks…Trump likes women to look at and sexually abuse around him at all times. dirty dirty dirty mob administration putting us all at risk..Tump is a national and international danger to us all. IMPEACH…V O T E!!!!!!!

  17. Lied on her resume. Happens every day.

  18. It’s almost as if the White House has been invaded by a bunch of 10 year olds. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Embarrassing

  19. Why screen anybody? This administration takes whoever they can get, and right now anyone worth their salt is staying far away from this trainwreck.

  20. Trump didn't clean the swamp he just added his own cesspool connected it to waste-plant and then built a wall of manure around it. This has to be the most corrupt administration in American history.

  21. They are all running for the hills!!! Investigate her too!!

  22. She's one of the best people that trump never knew.LMBAO!!!!

  23. She is pretty and was probably used that to her advantage in manipulating people well enough to fake her way through the screening process.

  24. Fake people being reported on by Fake News outlets.
    How are we supposed to know what to believe?
    TRUMP 2020
    Look @ all the TDS ‘sufferers’ below!

  25. No surprise here. The ENTIRE administration is unqualified! From top to bottom.

  26. I have only the people…. such an embarrassment…..

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